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Looking Brighter!

Being a working mama, of 2 energetic little girls, who is nearing 40!!!! I have recently started to notice that I not only feel tired but now I LOOK tired (tired puffy eyes and dark circles) . . . and as I have mentioned on my blog before, I am not a big make-up girl; never really have been because I prefer the feel of a fresh face rather than one caked with foundation and powders.  But I felt the need to find something that would help me look more refreshed and rested and still be light on my skin . . . so here are my two heartfelt recommendations for all you mama's.  Use these two products, a dab of blush and some mascara and you will feel RADIANT and ALIVE and it only takes a few minutes!

First, I have discovered YSL Eclat Touche and I am addicted! You can buy it many places (here and here and even Amazon), and they have many different colors, 2.5 seems to be one that works for most people but they have quite an array!  

It is a highlighter, not a concealer,which being a major non-make-up wearer I had to find out what that meant.  So after Googling the best way to use this gorgeous gold pen, I found this YouTube video (here) and I swear by the way he applies this!  It is awesome  . . . it takes about 30 seconds to do (which is about all I have and can do at a traffic light!) and it really brightens up your face and makes you look refreshed, alive and radiant!  SO amazing for a tired working mama!

Then I use my other favorite "drab-to-fab" product; Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 (here).  This is creamy and glowy!  It hydrates your skin all day and goes on very light and even - it has antioxidants, Vitamin C & E,  & SPF 20 in it so it is also protecting your skin too!

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