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The Casa - Part 1

My mum and step-dads house is absolutely beautiful and you have seen some pics of the backyard oasis (here) but when I was over there this past weekend I snapped a few pics of some details of the inside that I love.

My mum has always loved interior decorating & design (and passed that on to me!) and after many years of being a business owner, owning multiple salons and being a fantastic hairdresser she retired from that business and has finally followed her heart and gotten her interior decorator certificate!  I cant wait for her to start her mood-boards and offering e-design!  I will be announcing it here because you will want to use her!  Their house is still fairly new and my mum has been slowly working on each room and her style and it is starting to come together beautifully . . . take a look for yourself (excuse the iphone pics)

She just had these amazing Jonathan Adler sconces installed in the dining room (buy here) and they are so awesome! 

This is the sunroom that is almost finished - it is still to be painted and the molding finished/painted but how amazing is that rug and those drapes!!!!  This room is so beautiful to sit in - a "happy" place

  My step-dad and mum love art so they have absolutely gorgeous original pieces hanging everywhere - including a lot of originals from their grandkids which I love!

 This is in my mum's office across from her desk.  Love the pink and gold accents

And because they are rad grandparents they have a kids playroom with a TV, video games, bunk-beds, books and a little drawing table! This is another one of my fav rooms; so bright and colorful!  The next few pics are from that room

These little bird figurines just kill me!  They are made out of different kinds of "nuts," painted and then legs put on!!!

 We have this little table too and love it! (here) and that little owl canvas is magnetic and has little magnets to play with!

This is the other side of my mum's office! I love love love the new drapes she got (here) and her new desk (here).  The office is still a work in process - new chair, new throw blanket, new file cabinets/chest (here)

 Had to post my little Ms. E modeling before jumping in the pool!

I will do a Part 2 to this post and get photos of the bedrooms, kitchen and living room!  Hope you enjoyed

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