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Happy Friday - I mean Thursday

Okay but it feels like Friday to me because Mr. Hotpants and I are off for a 4-day trip sans kiddos to Portland for the Hotpant's 40th birthday celebration!  So excited for all these firsts: first trip to Portland, first flight in 5years without the girlies (the flight and airport alone sound like a vacation without kids!!!), first brewery tour trip, first time using Airbnb, and first time traveling (again sans kiddos) with our BFF's!

I know our girlies are in fantastic hands with their Coco, their Auntie, and their Nana so we couldn't be happier!  Weather is going to be in my perfect "cool" range with no rain, which is great for brewery tours, and we are bringing our workout gear to keep our selves in check!

So as I leave for 4 days I am hoping that when I return these two beauties (from LOFT) will be on my doorstep when I get back  (they were 50% off last week when I bought them!)

Maxi  Dress (here)

One piece (here)

That's all folks 
Have a great weekend

Amazing life

There are a million reasons why I love being a mum and love my children but one that I am reminded of daily is a childs mind; the way they think.   Through my girls curiosity and through their wonderment of everything in the universe I learn something new from them EVERY single day. I wish that we kept our sense of wonderment and awe that we have when we are children.  

Emerson picked out a book from the library the other day by Kids National Geographic about animals that camouflage themselves and they talked about a specific moth that has an "eyespot" on its wing, so that it looks larger and scarier than it is when it spreads its wings to scare off predators.  How amazing is that!?  And how beautiful!

She got another book on rolly-pollys - which both my girls LOVE.  I learned that they are really called "Pillbugs," that they are actually NOT insects but are crustaceans!!! and that to survive they NEED to eat some concrete and/or stones daily!!!  How crazy is that?  

It's not only learning from their books and what they learn at school but from them; from their questions about life and their imaginations.  Emerson was trying to build a bank (yes like a bank tellers counter that you walk up to!) out of a cardboard box a few months ago and asked me to help her with a part -- after a few tries I said "It won't work honey; it just can't do that" to what she answered "Mum, there is always a way, you just have to figure the way out. You don't give up; just keep trying!" what the what!!!!! life lessons from a 6yr old BUT she is absolutely right and it goes along with my post about "I can't" that I wrote the other day (see below).  
My kids don't have that "I can't" attitude because we tell them all the time that they can figure a way out and that it is okay if it doesn't work out as long as they give it a try, and that maybe things will come out different but better than their original plan.  

Why, oh why do I not follow my own advice? What happens as we grow up that we lose the curiosity, the "try your hardest and who cares if you fail" attitude?  When do we get SO busy that we forget to stop and smell the roses or marvel in a butterfly flying by?  My girls notice all these things as though they were the most fantastic thing they have ever seen.

Everything to my girls is amazing and cool and wonderful.  The baby snail on the pavement, making dinner with daddy, the stars and the constellations, an inch worm they find crawling along the rose bush, making their own lemonade or their own special "sauce," changing a cardboard box into a million imaginative things - a rocket ship, a car, a space station, a boat, a bed, a box, a grocery store, you name it they make it! 

They remind me, and I am reminding you on this fine Friday, to open our eyes, see the beauty around us that is right under our noses in nature, in life, in your children.  Stop and smell the roses, but also stop and look at that pillbug, watch it curl into that cool little ball that it does, skip instead of walk around your house or in the backyard, take bubble baths with your kids and get silly, walk around naked and don't judge your body, pick up a book or google something you have always wondered about - like how does the Snowshoe hare adapt to  survive the winter? (now you are curious huh?)

I am trying to  slow down and find a part of me that is a little lost and looking at life through my girls eyes is helping me . . .  I am so thankful to have had them; they have taken my life and the true meaning of life to a whole other level for me and for me this life would not be complete if I had not gotten to experience this dimension of it.

I can't

I read this quote the other day and it has sat in the back of my mind since then and it keeps popping into all my thoughts . . . it is haunting me!

I started asking myself, "What are the things I think I cannot do?" and W*O*W I started generating this list of things that I have labeled as "can't do" in my brain.  But why can't I do them? What is stopping me? . . . it is no big surprise but for some reason it surprised me to say out loud . . .  the answer is ME!

Loud and clear I realized that it was me; I am telling myself I "can't" do those things.  I am my own obstacle, my own 10ft wall.  

Why am I standing in the way of myself?  Why am I blocking myself?  

Because I am afraid 

Because I am protecting myself 

Because what if I try and fail?

Because what if I try my hardest and fail?

Here is the list of things that are sitting with me that I have told myself I can't do . . . 

 1. Write a book
2. Start my own business
3. Have the body I have always wanted - strong, fit & healthy; one that I feel fantastic in
4. Run a marathon
5. Learn how to really cook

When I look at that list and really read it I realize that I CAN do those things.  They are not impossible in any way, shape or form.  They are all attainable and many women have done way more than this.  

But I still have a huge fear of failure that stops me.  I don't like letting people down, I don't like people rallying for me and then letting them down.  

The other problem is that I can't seem to narrow things down for #1 and #2 above.  What do I want to write a book about? And if I choose something will anyone want to read it? I have no qualifications to say I'm an expert at anything? And what type of business do I want? Designing? Interior decor? Fitness & health? I'm interested in so many things and I am pretty good at most things but no one thing jumps out at me and makes me crazy passionate and I'm not an expert in any one thing either . . . it is frustrating and brings me down a lot.  

I feel like one day I will be driving to work and my "light bulb" moment will just happen and I will have it! My golden egg, my idea that will steer my path . . . but what if that is not how it happens?  What if you just decide to try something that you are sort of interested in and see where that takes you? 

So many what ifs? I am tired of saying "What if?" . . . I want do the things that I think I cannot; I want to stop being afraid of failing.  I'm going to pick one of the things above that my head tells me I can't do and DO IT.


Master Update

So a few months ago our master bedroom looked like this . . . Pretty much all the same stuff we had in our old place minus my mum's old nightstands that I painted white.

Two months ago I found the perfect KING-sized bed on sale (West Elm)! It was like winning the lottery and I ordered it immediately and have not regretted it one bit!  I absolutely love it and it fits great in our room because it is a pretty big room and the queen bed always looked a little too small.

I got the cushions for my benches back from the upholsterer (thanks Mum!) and I adore them in the indigo mudcloth!  I still have to spray the bases my favorite gold; hopefully this weekend.

This week I finally added new lamps and lampshades (find here and here)

 So here is my remaining list:
  • Nightstands
  • Curtains
  • Linens
  • Artwork
  • Credenza
I am so undecided on the nightstands.  I would love a mid-century look but have had no luck yet scouring Craigslist and eBay.  Here are some I am looking at (all West Elm), keep in mind we have warm distressed wood floors and the bed-frame is black. 

any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

Bits & Bobs

We have had a bit of the "sickies" around here the past week or so.  The littles have had double ear infections, croup and then I was on an antibiotic for some nasty cold thingy that has lingered for about a month . . . but we are all hopefully on the mend now!  

Just  wanted to pop in today to share some things that I have bought recently that I am excited about receiving . . .

I bought this bed for our Lucy Sue!  She LOVES to be under the covers and snuggle so this bed is perfect! We had one before but it got all torn up because she was more rambunctious back then but now that she is a "senior" I think this one will be safe!  If your dog likes to snuggle these beds are amazing . . . your dog will not want to come out.  They come in 3 different sizes too

Buy here 

I bought these for my sister for her birthday and they should be arriving any day now . . I am so excited for her to try them because I have heard nothing but great things about this product and BeautyCounter in general as they use all natural,. nontoxic ingredients!  I will let you know how she likes these.

Buy here

I have been looking for a runner for our bathroom (at the double sinks) for a while now and have tried a few and haven't liked them but I saw this one and had to give it a try!  I love the colors in it and the pattern.  I will take pic's when it arrives (oh and great price! love Urban Outfitters)

Oh Lilly - Part II

So as promised here are my Lilly Pulitzer for Target (here) girls choices . . . I cant handle how cute everything is!  I want one of each for both my girls!!!

For the Toddler girls here are my choices . . . hold on to your hats . . . cuteness overload!

And for the bigger girls (ages 4/5 - 14/16) I love these . . . 

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Oh lilly

So am I the last to know about the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration with Target coming out on April 19th . . . right in time for my Earth Day birthday!

You can see the whole collection here (they have clothing for women and kids and home decor items!!!).  So much pink and green goodness! The colors are amazing for summerBecause I like almost everything and it will make this post too long . . . I'm doing a part II post for the kiddos clothes that I love . . . you will die!

Here are a look at some of my fav's for women . . . 

 Gold Pineapples!!!! I need these sandals

 love these little shorts with pom-poms!

And don't get me started on the home decor items! I want all of them especially some to add to our backyard overhaul going on!

 Outdoor blanket!

 Seriously both these pom-pom pillows are awesome!

 I NEED to get like 3 sets of these napkins!!!

 She will be mine . . . 

 Gorgeous floor pillow

Definitely in need of some new beach blankets!

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