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There are a million reasons why I love being a mum and love my children but one that I am reminded of daily is a childs mind; the way they think.   Through my girls curiosity and through their wonderment of everything in the universe I learn something new from them EVERY single day. I wish that we kept our sense of wonderment and awe that we have when we are children.  

Emerson picked out a book from the library the other day by Kids National Geographic about animals that camouflage themselves and they talked about a specific moth that has an "eyespot" on its wing, so that it looks larger and scarier than it is when it spreads its wings to scare off predators.  How amazing is that!?  And how beautiful!

She got another book on rolly-pollys - which both my girls LOVE.  I learned that they are really called "Pillbugs," that they are actually NOT insects but are crustaceans!!! and that to survive they NEED to eat some concrete and/or stones daily!!!  How crazy is that?  

It's not only learning from their books and what they learn at school but from them; from their questions about life and their imaginations.  Emerson was trying to build a bank (yes like a bank tellers counter that you walk up to!) out of a cardboard box a few months ago and asked me to help her with a part -- after a few tries I said "It won't work honey; it just can't do that" to what she answered "Mum, there is always a way, you just have to figure the way out. You don't give up; just keep trying!" what the what!!!!! life lessons from a 6yr old BUT she is absolutely right and it goes along with my post about "I can't" that I wrote the other day (see below).  
My kids don't have that "I can't" attitude because we tell them all the time that they can figure a way out and that it is okay if it doesn't work out as long as they give it a try, and that maybe things will come out different but better than their original plan.  

Why, oh why do I not follow my own advice? What happens as we grow up that we lose the curiosity, the "try your hardest and who cares if you fail" attitude?  When do we get SO busy that we forget to stop and smell the roses or marvel in a butterfly flying by?  My girls notice all these things as though they were the most fantastic thing they have ever seen.

Everything to my girls is amazing and cool and wonderful.  The baby snail on the pavement, making dinner with daddy, the stars and the constellations, an inch worm they find crawling along the rose bush, making their own lemonade or their own special "sauce," changing a cardboard box into a million imaginative things - a rocket ship, a car, a space station, a boat, a bed, a box, a grocery store, you name it they make it! 

They remind me, and I am reminding you on this fine Friday, to open our eyes, see the beauty around us that is right under our noses in nature, in life, in your children.  Stop and smell the roses, but also stop and look at that pillbug, watch it curl into that cool little ball that it does, skip instead of walk around your house or in the backyard, take bubble baths with your kids and get silly, walk around naked and don't judge your body, pick up a book or google something you have always wondered about - like how does the Snowshoe hare adapt to  survive the winter? (now you are curious huh?)

I am trying to  slow down and find a part of me that is a little lost and looking at life through my girls eyes is helping me . . .  I am so thankful to have had them; they have taken my life and the true meaning of life to a whole other level for me and for me this life would not be complete if I had not gotten to experience this dimension of it.

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