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Happy Friday - I mean Thursday

Okay but it feels like Friday to me because Mr. Hotpants and I are off for a 4-day trip sans kiddos to Portland for the Hotpant's 40th birthday celebration!  So excited for all these firsts: first trip to Portland, first flight in 5years without the girlies (the flight and airport alone sound like a vacation without kids!!!), first brewery tour trip, first time using Airbnb, and first time traveling (again sans kiddos) with our BFF's!

I know our girlies are in fantastic hands with their Coco, their Auntie, and their Nana so we couldn't be happier!  Weather is going to be in my perfect "cool" range with no rain, which is great for brewery tours, and we are bringing our workout gear to keep our selves in check!

So as I leave for 4 days I am hoping that when I return these two beauties (from LOFT) will be on my doorstep when I get back  (they were 50% off last week when I bought them!)

Maxi  Dress (here)

One piece (here)

That's all folks 
Have a great weekend

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