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T & T

Let's talk sunless tan and white teeth because they go together like PB and J in the summer.  There is nothing I like more than having a golden glow, nice white teeth and a little bit on neon to make me feel fab in summer.  BUT I am a skin-cancer freak so there is no laying out or tanning beds for me  . . . I swear by sunless tan lotions or spray tans.  And I have super sensitive teeth so I can't do any drastic whitening procedures.   So I introduce you to my two favorite products for some T & T!

I cant say enough about this tanning mousse! It goes on so easily, dries in 60 seconds and gives a great warm glow (buy here).  It is inexpensive and you can find it in a grocery store, CVS, or Amazon.  I literally jumped out the shower, put it on, threw my hair up then put on a dress and was out the door . . . and in about 20 minutes I looked down and already had a great tan going on!

As for teeth whiteners this is my favorite pack.  It includes two 1hr "express" treatments that give you a great jump start on your whitening, then you can just follow up with the 30 min treatments and my teeth/gums don't get irritated using these! (buy here)


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