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Amazing Amazon Friday

I know I have been gone for a bit but LIFE is just getting, well . . . not in the way, but so incredibly FULL that I am having to prioritize a few things!  

I am doing a 21-day challenge with my PiYo group where you eat CLEAN (like really clean) and workout for 21 days straight and while I am honestly loving it, it is taking a lot of time mentally, organizing food prep and fitting way more W/O's into my schedule than usual.  BUT I will see it through.  This is one of those things I vowed to do for ME (see here, here, and here) and I am DOING IT; I will not take "I can't" from myself.

School is coming to an end which means tons of organizing activities for the girls for the summer - we have a Children's Theatrical class set-up, a Pee-Wee Chefs class for them to go to, a reading camp and hopefully I am adding a Science camp; not to mention their usual gymnastics & swimming.  We are also buying Knott's Berry Farm Annual passes for them to go with our own amazing "Mary Poppins" . . .Coco!!!!  Then we have a beach vacation coming up which I am SO excited for (hence the 21-day challenge!) . . . longest family vacation yet = 9 days!! Hanging with Mr. Hotpants and my babies; it's going to be heaven!!

But to keep with my Amazon Fridays, here are some of my fav finds this week!

I want copper mugs for Moscow Mules this summer because I'm addicted to them! . . . these look great and are a good price! (here

My girls are at the age where they love games and one of their fav's is BINGO! We have two of these bingo sets (a dinosaur one and a Christmas one) and I'm going to order the Science one next - so fun and educational! Each card has a pic on the front and facts on the back! (here)

For hours of summer fun I highly recommend these (here)

And since I love the EO product line, I can't wait to try this delicious body oil to keep me and the girlies skin hydrated this summer! (here)

Have a FAB weekend!

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