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Fathers Day

My DAD is a wonderful Father (and great PAPA) and the older I get the closer we become.  He has always taught me to be be true to myself, listen to my gut and has never ever led me to believe that a man is better or smarter than women; in fact I'm pretty sure he believes women should run the world!  My dad is the reason that when I met Mr. Hotpants I knew he was the one for me and didn't let him slip away (ahem vice-grip!)

And thank goodness I didn't.  Not only did I meet a man who respects me, who believes women are equals, who can cry at any commercial with puppies or babies in it, who strives to be the absolute best in everything he does but I also found a man who is the PERFECT standard for our beautiful little girls to measure a man next too.  

In seeing that their Daddy thinks women are wonderful and smart and equals and can do anything they want to and for not stereotyping them into the typical "princess" roles that some men/daddies can do, for cooking with them and playing soccer with them and doing reading and math with them and to twirling them around in boxes that are supposed to be rocket-ships . . . Not only did I LUCK out but our little amazing girls did too! 

Happiest of Fathers Day to you Pookie.  
You are a one-of-a-kind Daddy! 
We LOVE you SO much

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