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We are BACK!

Vacation was a blast - lots of sun, sand, shells, laughter, fire-fly's, arcades, henna and ice cream!  Thought I would share some photos with you to let you see the beauty of the East Coast beaches! Warning - Photo overload!

First of all our beach house was awesome (your can rent here) huge bedrooms, a great bonus game room with a pool table, board games, and tons more.

I fell in love with the long grass on the beaches - like out of a movie!

The Boardwalk was great fun - arcades, ice cream, yummy food . . .

Mr. Hotpants and his brothers had to get a bushel of Blue crabs!

My most favorite part? Most magical moments? Catching fire-fly's with the girls and watching them run around and get them - absolutely wonderful, magical, and special.

We found left over fireworks!

Beach days with cousins . . . 

Lots of dancing and performing done on the front porch as we waited for the awesome thunderstorms to roll in 

"Higher Daddy, higher!!" . . . . "Let me down daddy, I want to swim!" . . . this little fish has NO fear 

Pizza and garlic bread yumminess at Grottos Pizza 

Arcades for days . . . 

 Insanely yummy ice custard!

Happy and grumpy-pants

Little golf carts drove down the beach with slushee's for sale!!!

More ice cream . . . 

Had fun with these in the driveway after dinners . . . 

Sand, wind, and sun . . . 

Mermaid Henna tattoo . . . 

Nights on the boardwalk . . . 

Great vacation, great memories and a wonderful place 


Happy Friday Peeps!  We are leaving today for a 10 day beach vacation on the East Coast (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware) . . . wish us luck on the flight!!!

 I am so excited!!!  . . . this is my first time staying at an east coast beach!!! We have rented a fantastic beach house with my brother-in-law and his wife and their two adorable boys!  I cant tell you the last time I have been on vacation with the girls and Mr. Hotpants for this length of time!   The house seems great and big with game room with a pool table and darts!  I plan on going to the beach with the girlies every day, going to get our nails done, strolling the boardwalk and BBQ at night and hitting up some of the delicious restaurants there! 

I plan on posting some blog posts when there because I should have down time (finally) and I will definitely be posting on my IG account (here) so make sure to visit! 

Have a great weekend!


lets get Urban

Urban Outfitters is killing it with there beautiful ethereal linens, pillows, and bedding and for a fraction of the cost at most other places . . . take a look at some of these beauties . . .

 This may be a front runner for Harpers room!!

 They have these amazing "snooze sets" that come with all the mix and matched linens!

 Thinking of this for our office sofa!

 I would love a few of these floor pillows for outside!

 Love these throw blankets for the beach, picnics or to wrap up in by an outside fire!

 another gorgeous throw blanket with pom-poms!!!

 I adore these elephant sheets . . . probably NEED them for our bed!!!

 And how about these boho-chic sleeping bags!!! Yes I'll go camping in that!

Insanely Yummy Homemade Ice Cream

I have never made ice cream but this "no churn, 2-ingredient homemade ice cream" recipe peaked my interest (here)!  And BOY am I glad I made it . . . it is absolutely delicious - creamy, velvety and scrumptious! We added vanilla extract to make plain ole' vanilla but next time I am trying chocolate chips and mint extract!!!

And here are the 2 fabulous ingredients:  Condensed milk & Heavy whipping cream.  Follow the recipe (here) and enjoy - it takes about 5mins to make . . . you will not regret!!!

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