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Since it is sunny in SoCal pretty much all year all year long I constantly have to buy sunscreen and slather myself and the girls in it each day.  I have found one of my favorites, because it smells delish (bananas), goes on super easy and gets a thumbs up from the girls, to be Sun Bum (here).  While it is not all-natural Sun Bum does use a mix of organic and inorganic sunscreens as recommended by the FDA, SCF (Skin Cancer Foundation), and ACS (American Cancer Society).

Here are the three that we use from Sun Bum.  You can buy them here, here and here.

The Sun Bum Face Stick is my favorite for the girls faces for everyday use! It goes on clear, is 30 SPF, washes off easily and does not make them breakout or get  a rash, which a few others do from daily wear (it is PABA-free, water resistant, and oil-free)
This is the Sun Bum Clear Zinc Oxide Lotion - and I am actually trying this for the first time, so I will let you know what I think.  It has added aloe and Vitamin E, paraben (a chemical preservative) and PABA-free (a chemical UV filter thought to be carcinogenic), and oil free.

The Sun Bum Continuous Spray sunscreen - while I would rather be using a lotion than a spray it is honestly one of the easiest and only ways I can get it on my wriggling 3 and 5yr old girls, given the 30 seconds they give me to cover their entire body, because they are running away to get into the pool faster or to the sand to build sandcastles sooner!   It too is water resistant, paraben and PABA-free and oil free.  And all three of these products have broad spectrum UVA / UVB Protection.

And because I love Honest products I am also going to order their sunscreen and try it; wish it were not a lotion but it is a more natural product I believe.


The Casa - Part 1

My mum and step-dads house is absolutely beautiful and you have seen some pics of the backyard oasis (here) but when I was over there this past weekend I snapped a few pics of some details of the inside that I love.

My mum has always loved interior decorating & design (and passed that on to me!) and after many years of being a business owner, owning multiple salons and being a fantastic hairdresser she retired from that business and has finally followed her heart and gotten her interior decorator certificate!  I cant wait for her to start her mood-boards and offering e-design!  I will be announcing it here because you will want to use her!  Their house is still fairly new and my mum has been slowly working on each room and her style and it is starting to come together beautifully . . . take a look for yourself (excuse the iphone pics)

She just had these amazing Jonathan Adler sconces installed in the dining room (buy here) and they are so awesome! 

This is the sunroom that is almost finished - it is still to be painted and the molding finished/painted but how amazing is that rug and those drapes!!!!  This room is so beautiful to sit in - a "happy" place

  My step-dad and mum love art so they have absolutely gorgeous original pieces hanging everywhere - including a lot of originals from their grandkids which I love!

 This is in my mum's office across from her desk.  Love the pink and gold accents

And because they are rad grandparents they have a kids playroom with a TV, video games, bunk-beds, books and a little drawing table! This is another one of my fav rooms; so bright and colorful!  The next few pics are from that room

These little bird figurines just kill me!  They are made out of different kinds of "nuts," painted and then legs put on!!!

 We have this little table too and love it! (here) and that little owl canvas is magnetic and has little magnets to play with!

This is the other side of my mum's office! I love love love the new drapes she got (here) and her new desk (here).  The office is still a work in process - new chair, new throw blanket, new file cabinets/chest (here)

 Had to post my little Ms. E modeling before jumping in the pool!

I will do a Part 2 to this post and get photos of the bedrooms, kitchen and living room!  Hope you enjoyed

Looking Brighter!

Being a working mama, of 2 energetic little girls, who is nearing 40!!!! I have recently started to notice that I not only feel tired but now I LOOK tired (tired puffy eyes and dark circles) . . . and as I have mentioned on my blog before, I am not a big make-up girl; never really have been because I prefer the feel of a fresh face rather than one caked with foundation and powders.  But I felt the need to find something that would help me look more refreshed and rested and still be light on my skin . . . so here are my two heartfelt recommendations for all you mama's.  Use these two products, a dab of blush and some mascara and you will feel RADIANT and ALIVE and it only takes a few minutes!

First, I have discovered YSL Eclat Touche and I am addicted! You can buy it many places (here and here and even Amazon), and they have many different colors, 2.5 seems to be one that works for most people but they have quite an array!  

It is a highlighter, not a concealer,which being a major non-make-up wearer I had to find out what that meant.  So after Googling the best way to use this gorgeous gold pen, I found this YouTube video (here) and I swear by the way he applies this!  It is awesome  . . . it takes about 30 seconds to do (which is about all I have and can do at a traffic light!) and it really brightens up your face and makes you look refreshed, alive and radiant!  SO amazing for a tired working mama!

Then I use my other favorite "drab-to-fab" product; Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 (here).  This is creamy and glowy!  It hydrates your skin all day and goes on very light and even - it has antioxidants, Vitamin C & E,  & SPF 20 in it so it is also protecting your skin too!

Flowy Friday

There's nothing I enjoy more than slipping on a flowy maxi dress on a hot summer day! It is so easy with minimal thought involved (which is what every mama can appreciate!).  It takes five minutes to look fab, slip on a pair of gladiator sandals and you're off!  And they are so easy to take from the soccer fields to fancy dinner; just throw on a scarf or wrap and a few accessories and you can glam it up for dinner!! I ordered these three pretties (fantastic prices!!!) and I'm so excited to wear them.

 Forever 21 (here) $23

 Forever 21 (here) $23

Amazon (here) $23 (love me a dress with pockets!)

Squeaky clean

I am always looking for new products for my little ones skin . . . I do love Honest products (and love that you can get them at Target now) and they are on heavy rotation at our house but I have recently found some others I am enjoying!

I ordered the "Everyone Soap" in Coconut + lemon (here) and it is delish! I use it on the girls from their head to their toes; it is so gentle, light and soothing.  It comes in Lavender + Aloe, Citrus + Mint, and Unscented.  I even sneak it into our shower and use it because I love the smell and how my skin feels afterwards.

I am also using the "Everyone Nourish Conditioner" which is sulfate-free and has "quinoa protein, oat betaglucan (moisturizes and balances skin), coconut oil and love (here)"  This makes the girls hair feel great and is not super heavy.

The company, EO, is wonderful and has a beautifully simple mantra: "Love Life. Live Clean."
The products are made using real plants and essential oils.  Everything they make is free from synthetic fragrances, cruelty-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and many of their products are non-GMO or USDA organic certified.  And the products are all made in the beautiful Marin County in Northern California.  You can read more about them here and check out all their wonderful products.

I can't wait to try these other products for Mr. Hotpants and the girls . . . 

Say hello to my new friend

Have you ever been out and about with your littles for the day when a sudden fever comes on or an earache or maybe even a toothache (5/6yr olds have wiggly teeth) or teething pains or do they have an accident/fall where they skin their knee or fall and bump their heads and you know it may hurt a lot later?

Well that seems to happen to us quite a bit ... there's always someone either hurt or getting sick and coming down with something and here we are out and about, away from any kind of stores (beach, parks, papa's house, etc) and since I don't carry a diaper bag anymore (our littlest is 3 1/2) I don't have the bottle of liquid Tylenol or Ibuprofen on me!  So imagine my happiness when I found these chewable ibuprofen for ages 2 to 11 at the store the other day!!! I promptly bought two bottles and have one in my purse and gave one to our nanny for her purse.  Just wanted to pass along anything that helps make a mama's life easier!

It's getting close . . .

To S U M M E R . . . well here in sunny SoCal it is pretty much summer year-round except for the occasional cool/rainy day here and there.  Naturally my eye goes to all the pretty swimsuits and cover-ups so I thought I would share some that have caught my eye and are affordable options . . . oh and you will see that I have my eye on a one-piece this year since I have quite a few bikinis already. 

These can be found at Nordstrom's. . .

These can be found on the ASOS's website

And these are from my ever-favorite, Urban Outfitters . . . 


"Feel Good" in a vitamin

You know that whenever I have something I love I have to share with you all right!?  Well I have been taking a vitamin that I have fallen in love with for the past six months now.  I was not a big vitamin person in the past only because I never felt any sort of difference between taking them and not taking them. My hair seemed to grow the same, my nails felt the same, my skin seemed to look the same whether I was taking vitamins or not. 

And over the past 20 years I have tried many different types of vitamins from general over-the-counter drugstore types, to nutritionist recommended ones to my pre-natals recommended by my Ob/Gyn that I took with both girls, natural ones and organic and non-organic ones and with all of them I just took them because I assumed they were doing what they needed to do for the inside of my body but I never felt any difference on the outside and if I missed a day or two or a week it seemed really to make no difference; I didn't feel any different without them until…

I was introduced to these Holy Grail of vitamins, Axion, about 6mths ago (by my mum) and let me tell you not only do I feel fantastic when I take them, but if I miss a day there is a noticeable difference in my mood, my energy level and my overall body feeling good.  

Here is the website description . . . 


AXION is a comprehensive, full spectrum, Bi-Layer (sustained release) supplement that provides essential nutritional support for every cell and function of your body, including immune support, cardiovascular support, and metabolism. In addition, it contains essential vitamins, minerals, whole foods, enzymes, omega fatty acids, and probiotics for optimal health and vitality.

It’s not what you swallow, but what you absorb that counts. That’s why our extended release Bi-Layer technology has been developed. When you take regular vitamins, they dissolve too quickly and they get expelled in your urine instead of being fully absorbed. With our two-layer supplement, you get a sustained supply of nutrients. One instant release layer gives your body a kick-start of nutrients. The second layer, which has a specialized coating, releases another dose over a period of several hours. More vitamins are absorbed and less are eliminated. This process is a breakthrough in nutritional technology and could change the way supplements are used, less are eliminated. This is a breakthrough in vitamin absorption and could reshape the AM/PM vitamin world."
There are so many wonderful ingredients in the vitamin too that are not in any normal vitamins that I think make a huge difference; here are just some of the extra benefits . . . carrot root powder, spirulina blue-green algae, broccoli floret powder, spinach leaf powder, flax-seed, chia seeds, Lactobacillus, pomegranate fruit extract, and green tea extract. 

I will admit they are more expensive than your regular CVS vitamins BUT they are the only vitamins that I can actually feel the difference with.  If you are interested you can read more about them and order from the website too (here) and for more of their products you can watch some videos (here)

I'm just going to list a few of the changes I feel from taking these.
  • I have a sustained clarity and clear-headedness all day
  • My nails have never been harder, whiter, never-split and grow like crazy
  • My hair is silkier, thicker and feels healthy
  • I constantly have dry cracked lips & cuticles but with these vitamins this is gone
  • I feel so much better in general when taking these - less groggy, more energized, less headaches and less joint pain (I have a sore knee from running)

Crazy March

March is always a crazy month for us with 4 birthdays in the family . . . Little Ms. E, Mr. Hotpants, my sister, and my niece.  However this March my personal busy month has coincided with a crazy busy professional month too; I have 3 major work events!!! Oh and this is no ordinary birthday for the Mr. Hotpants . . . oh no, he is the big 4 O . . . which calls for some major planning ;)

I think a lot of deep breathing, Piyo and wine should help me through it.

We are also busy with the girls as they started swim lessons twice a week and soccer season started too with practices and games!

I thought I would share a few weekend photos of little Ms. E's 6th Birthday party that we held at Color Me Mine; a paint your own pottery studio (here).  It was great and the girls really enjoyed it. 

As you can tell we have a little bit of a "tiger-theme" going on here . . . Emerson was inspired (obsessed) with everything being "tiger" like Katy Perry's "Roar" song . . . The "eye of the tiger" song from the Superbowl half-time show is a real favorite of Emersons.  She and Mr. Hotpants made and decorated these awesome tiger-striped cupcakes! I got some party bags and filled them with art supplies, Melissa & Doug crafts and some other "tiger" goodies all from my trusty Amazon (here, here, here & here)

Onto our first soccer game of the season for the "Little Mermaids" (that is their team name this year).  Little Ms. E scored a goal and did some great assisting but man was it hot for a March game!  Poor little thing was so tired.  But while sister is having a fun time playing soccer games are not much fun for this sweet-pea who just wants to run around (and away) from everyone and go to the nearest park . . . Love her face!

Emerson got some great gifts that I wanted to share too . . . . We got her this awesome Melissa & Doug lemonade/Grocery Store stand (here).  It is super easy to build and is so cute in person.  It can double as a Grocery store too and you can fill the green bins with fake groceries!  Needless to say we had to set up shop immediately . . . they made $7.75

Emerson just started getting into Lego's and she really is great at it . . . she got these two sets that she is having a blast with (Ariel's Palace (here) & the Pony Farm (here))

She got this cute little card game that we still have to open but Emerson is so excited to learn how to play it! (here)

Oh and we got some amazing clothes, sandals and swimsuits for the summer that I can wait to have her try on!

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