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Amazon Friday

Here we are again peeps! It's Friday and I am so excited for 3 back-to-back days of live Piyo classes, getting to see my Grandma and aunt who arrived yesterday from Scotland for a month (they are two of my most favorite people EVER!) and to a three day weekend!!!!

Amazon is making me ridiculously happy as usual so here are some of my weekly finds! 

When summer rolls around we BBQ and entertain a lot so I have been looking for cute and simple serving dishes and I found this one . . . . I adore the simplicity of the white ceramic and the bamboo stand . . . perfect for taco night or baked potato toppers!  (here)

I have read great things about these Earthboxes for vegetables . . . I think I'm going to get one for our house . . . we have such a bad case of rabbits that planting in the actual garden would never work - they eat EVERYTHING!!! You can get it here and the price is great!

Thanks to Natalie's recommendation I got this new Vitamin C face oil and I absolutely love it! It definitely brightens up my skin and I look so much more refreshed!  You can get at CVS and Rite Aid for $20 but at Amazon it's $13!!! (here)  Mamas - you MUST get this!!!  It is formulated without parabens, formaldehyde or synthetic colorants - the color of the cream comes from the Arctic Cloudberry

For Teacher Appreciation week at Emerson's school they did a "Restock the Classroom" day where you could buy things from the teachers classroom wish-list and donate to the class.  She requested a chip-n-dip tray for organizing toys, crayons, beads etc . . . so I found this one (here) and when we went to open house and I saw it out on a table filled with all sorts of arts and crafts things I immediately came home and ordered one for our house! So cheap, so good for organizing and the color choices are SO fun!

I got the cutest little chapter books - perfect for ages 4-6 (here) that both my girls love.  Nothing like a butt-kicking-ninja princess!!!  I'm just bummed that there are only 2 books out at the moment.

Have a great weekend 

Good vibes

I always come across beautiful posts and good reads that make me feel good so today I thought I would share some that I really enjoyed this week . . . 

  • More people should be like this man; more institutions should offer this compassion for mothers and fathers (here
  • A great read for new mums, old mums, grandparents, and anyone who wants to learn to be a little more compassionate towards a new mother (here)
  • A beautiful insight into the future for a young couple . . . made me cry (here)
  • The coolest Kindergarten ever (here)
  • Taking great photos of your kiddos with your iPhone (here)  

Taking care of ME

It's funny because being a mum, I am so on top of getting the girls to eat organic, natural foods, drink their water, put on their sunscreen, turn off the TV and read a book or go outside and play,  to eat tons of fruit and veg and take their vitamins but when it comes to me I usually just do the bare minimum because I am so burned out taking care of everyone else!!!

So lately I have been trying to take more time out for myself . . . I have gotten back into my workout routine, which consists of running 2-3 miles for 3 days/week and doing Piyo 2-3/week. I have also been trying to eat cleaner; more fruits and veg and drink more H20.  And I finally went and got my lab work done that I have been rescheduling since October of last year!!!! Thank goodness everything came out in the normal ranges - relieved to see that my cholesterol is in a good range and that I have high HDL levels  (good cholesterol) 

The other thing that has been an issue with me since Emerson was born is sleep . . . and that just goes with the territory of having young children . . . At least one of my girls still wakes up every night; so essentially 7 nights/week I have interrupted sleep.  I am used to it now but that doesn't mean it does not affect me.  I started taking this all-natural, liquid  "Melatonin" (buy here) so that the sleep I do get is a deeper more restful sleep and it has been working like a charm.  There are no drowsy, foggy-brained after-effects like NyQuil so I can use it every night.

The other thing that I have added to my routine that I believe is helping to boost my mood, give me bonding time with my girls and gets me outdoors is the girls and I Take our pup, Lucy Sue, out for a long walk a few nights a week.  We get to talk and giggle, race each other, skip and dance to my tunes on my iPhone, find cool "nature" things and laugh at how many times Lucy goes pee and poop lol.  I look forward to it and now that it is staying light later we can go for longer walks (I pack a backpack with snacks, water and sweaters and we stop halfway and have a lil picnic on the trail)

This is the trail we take right by our house

How amazing is this bush just growing wild on the trail!!!!

We caught this cute lizard on our last walk . . . girls called her Lizzie.  Don't worry we just looked at her and gave her some lettuce and released her after about 15 minutes.  Nature Fun!

Amazon Friday

Happy Happy Friday everyone!  We have our last soccer game of the season tomorrow (yessss!!!) . . . I like having non-scheduled Saturday mornings lol.  We don't have  much going on this weekend so I'm hoping to tackle some house projects that have been a long time in the planning!  And get some cuddle time in with the girls and Mr. Hotpants because its supposed to RAIN here in SoCal!!! 

So in keeping with my Amazon Friday posts lets get to it . . .

I grew up on Mr. Men books and now my girls love them too . . . They have the Little Miss series too now which is too cute . . . you can get the sets for Mr. Men (here) and Little Miss (here) or you can buy the books individually.

Now that we are approaching summer pool-time will be here in no time!  The girls started back at swim lessons in February and are doing fantastic.  I upped them to twice a week because I want them swimming and feeling comfortable in the water.  These floaties are my all time favorite . . . both my girls have worn them since they were about 2yrs +  . . . Emerson does not need hers anymore but we do have Harper wear hers if we are not going in the pool with her.  They have tons of different designs and you can buy them (here).  Remember though put them on tight and NEVER leave your kid unattended in any body of water even if they have a floaty on!

I love how cute and inexpensive ($14) this summer beach bag is (here)

I am dying to try these t-shirts out  - classic with a twist (literally a "twist" ha!) (here)

Alright if you have kids in preschool or school you HAVE to get these products!  We have had lice outbreaks at almost every preschool, mummy-n-me groups and schools that we have gone to and the girls have NEVER gotten them (knock on wood!!!).  I think these products really help to protect my girls and it doesn't hurt that they smell delicious  (here and here)

Have a fantabulous Weekend

Backyard Oasis

Now that summer (in SoCal) is on its way we are back outside most days.  We bought this amazing backyard sofa set last year from Craigslist for an insane deal and I never got around to buying outdoor pillows because the Holidays came around and well I just got busy and it got cold so we were not in the backyard that much to notice! 

So fast forward till now!!!! I am so excited because I just ordered these beauties (Etsy) and they are all arriving in a week!!! I think it is going to make our backyard spot so bright and cheery! I can't wait . . . like at all!

Banana leaf pillows (here) and Turkish Kilim pillows (here)
 I bought all the pillow inserts from Amazon here, here, and here

As for the garden, since we are having an awful drought here in California we feel we need to start planting drought-resistant plants that will take almost no water to maintain.  I snapped some photos from around my work the other day for some delightful succulent inspiration . . . the colors are gorgeous! Can't wait to get to a nursery to buy some for our garden.

In other news (aka - shopping!) I ordered this little dress with a birthday Gift Card I had to Nordstroms (thanks Diane) - I got the XS and it fits great; it also comes in Navy and is only $42! (buy here)

it needs ironed!

And my other fab find that I am so excited to get are these amazing fringed sandals! (actually thanks to Natalie (fab author of this blog) for both of these finds - sandals and above dress) . . . They come in 4 colors and you can find for great prices here, here and here

T & T

Let's talk sunless tan and white teeth because they go together like PB and J in the summer.  There is nothing I like more than having a golden glow, nice white teeth and a little bit on neon to make me feel fab in summer.  BUT I am a skin-cancer freak so there is no laying out or tanning beds for me  . . . I swear by sunless tan lotions or spray tans.  And I have super sensitive teeth so I can't do any drastic whitening procedures.   So I introduce you to my two favorite products for some T & T!

I cant say enough about this tanning mousse! It goes on so easily, dries in 60 seconds and gives a great warm glow (buy here).  It is inexpensive and you can find it in a grocery store, CVS, or Amazon.  I literally jumped out the shower, put it on, threw my hair up then put on a dress and was out the door . . . and in about 20 minutes I looked down and already had a great tan going on!

As for teeth whiteners this is my favorite pack.  It includes two 1hr "express" treatments that give you a great jump start on your whitening, then you can just follow up with the 30 min treatments and my teeth/gums don't get irritated using these! (buy here)


bonne nuit

I think I can say Good Night to my hunt for the perfect bedside tables!!! I have looked up and down for ones I love and while there were a few I thought were awesome none of them really fit with our bedroom colors and feel . . . I love this West Elm one but thought the wood color was too matchy-matchy to our wood floors and too light and not a huge fan of the circular pulls  (here)

So imagine my delight when I saw this Ikea hack!  First of all the price is great but I wasn't looking to get something cheap, I was prepared to pay some serious $$ if I found ones I loved but I just so happen to LOVE the shape and simplicity of these.  I love that the wood is darker and that the pulls are not round . . . 

It is the Ikea Trysil 3 drawer chest (here) for $80 

And this blogger (here) just spray painted the base, edges and handles and buffed with gold Rub-n-Buff for some texture/depth . . . I think I may just have to try this!  And we get 6 extra drawers out of it!!!!

What do you think?

Lets talk about Stools

I have been looking for counter-height bar stools for a while now and I am drawn to the look of these ones below but need to find a more affordable version (don't really want to spend $500/600 on two bar stools) . . . any thoughts or suggestions?

These are some that I love . . .

Serena & Lily (here)

Anthropologie (buy here)

Overstock (buy here)

Crate and Barrel (buy here)

Amazon Friday

So it is no secret that AMAZON is my lover as far as websites go ..... it's my GO-TO for practically everything! So I thought I would start "Amazon Fridays" to share my fav finds on Amazon and what better day than a Friday to find great deals! . . .  So here we go!

My favorite pillows to mix in with all my other pillow combo's . . . Great price ($20) for an 18 x 18 pillow (buy here)

Set of gorgeous cereal/soup bowls (6-inch diameter, set of 4 for $22! - way cheaper than similar bowls from Anthro) - buy here

Another great set (buy here) - 4.5" diameter, set of 6 for $29 . . . 

Ray-Ban large gold-framed Aviators for $85 (buy here)

My favorite toddler-flushable-fragrance-free wipes that my girls love (3-pack/180wipes total for $11.97) - buy here (Babyganics use natural plant-based ingredients, don't test on animals and are paraben, phthalate, sulfate, artificial fragrances/dyes - free! and don't clog your toilet like other wipes!

Have a great weekend peeps!

Target is ROCKING it!

Target, as usual, has upped their game!  Maybe I'm the last one to know about their "Made to Matter" collection but I still had to share it in case there are people who don't

They launched their first  "Made to Matter" collection in 2014 and have just added 30 new product lines to the collection in 2015 (see here).  The concept is to bring innovative wellness companies to the community.  They want to offer products that have the best ingredients, from companies that care about sustainability and they want to make sure they give back to the community.

They are carrying some of my favorite product lines now and I am so excited to check them out next time I am in the store!  I love that their mission is that they want to make health and wellness products available, accessible and affordable for everyone.

I mean take a look at those companies above!!!!  There are SO many I love using! Happy Baby, method, Annie's, Mrs. Meyers, seventh generation . . . and don't even get me started on how much I am addicted to using Hylands & Zarabee's products for when my girlies are sick - they are amazing products!

Hands down best nighttime cough syrup (here) . . . my girls can actually sleep when they are sick when I give them this because it has natural melatonin not medications as in Benedryl and other cough syrups.

I am also super excited to get one of these beautiful Soma Water pitchers (here)!!!  How gorgeous is it? And for an added benefit "Soma’s unique filters are made of coconut shell carbon and plant-based casing that removes chlorine and improves taste. And for every Soma filter purchased, clean drinking water is donated to people in need through Soma’s nonprofit partner, charity: water"  It is made of shatter-proof, BPA-free plastic and the  wooden handle is made from sustainable white oak.

And I am so intrigued by the new Olly vitamin system (here) that they just launched . . . so many good options and easy to mix and match for adults and children! 

Thank you Target for making it easier for me and my family to be healthier! Oh and for the Dollar Aisle!!!!

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