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F21 Fall Finds

Forever 21 has some great new "transitional" Fall pieces and I wanted to share some of my current favorite's that have me yearning for some wind, rain and colder temps!

Love these two shirt dresses! Chambray and tartan for the win!

This cape dress is amazing - perfect for a Fall dinner party!
Cute and comfy sweater dress for work
Love this boxy turtleneck and it also comes in grey

Who doesn't love some fringe???

I love both these midi skirts

Great ankle boots with some fun details - they come in 3 colors

I love me a pair of cute classic loafers!!!

Pancakes your Kids can make YOU!

Happy Friday peeps!  So our cooking-together game is still going strong over here!!!!!  I found a TWO INGREDIENT recipe for delicious pancakes that Emerson and Harper can do ALL by themselves (apart from the actually cooking of them) and we all loved them!  

Banana Pancakes 
1 banana
1 egg

Mash up a banana in a bowl, add the egg and mix until desired consistency (If you like bananas you may want to leave bigger chunks so they carmelize; or if you are like my girls and you want them more smooth use a hand mixer)
Sprinkle in desired amount of cinnamon 

Cook on stove-top as you would normally - We used coconut oil cooking spray on the pan and used med/high heat.  Flip once they start to bubble on top.

Top with whatever your heart desires!!! Try drizzling agave or almond butter or add a few chocolate chips to the batter before you cook!!

 super easy and yummy . . . and a 
glass of rose definitely helps while 
cooking with the littles!!

Try these for Sunday Breakfast!!!! 

Right on Target

Target has nailed it on the head this season with super-cool back-to-school shoes!!!! We had a hard time not buying one pair of each! The girls LOVE shoe shopping like their mama . . . 

Check out these selections and guess what? They go up to a girls size 5 that I can fit into so you'd better believe I am getting some for myself!!!

 Ms. E got these!
 and these . . . she has a thang for "big cats!!"

 We are ordering these for Ms. E . . . 

 I'm ordering these little ankle booties for Ms. H - they are too cute in person!!!
 Ms. H got these (the girls both had these last year and I loved them - went with everything and really held up well. I will probably get Emerson a pair too for this season)
 I LOVED these but my girlie-girlie diva, little Ms. H said that they were 
"yuck! like boys shoes!!"
 So I will be ordering her these gold high-tops! 


Food News

Our girls have been in a Pee-Wee Chef class this summer learning how to prepare some fun kid-friendly-and-easy snacks and meals.  They have loved every minute of it and are so sad that it is coming to an end.  With their interest in cooking and food being elevated, they have been making daddy and I homemade salads (which are actually great) and little snacks; like banana with a dipping sauce made with PB and chocolate sauce mixed together!! 

Now that they are really into it I want to go with their momentum.  They cook with daddy all the time as daddy is our own personal Iron Chef, but I thought it was about time that I started cooking with them too!  So I bought a few things to get us started and try a few new things . . .

Since one of their favorite things to do and an easy thing for them to make is a big salad I finally got around to buying these "green bags" for produce.  We buy so much produce that goes bad by the end of the week - it is such a waste of money!  So these are supposed to keep your veggies fresher for up to 3weeks!  Fresh produce = more salads for daddy and I!  I will let you know what I think about them!  (buy here)

The next thing I bought that is so fun and that the girls love is a "Zoodler."  This one has three different blade sizes so you can do a spaghetti, linguini, and a wide-ribbon zoodle.  It tastes amazing with tomato sauce and garlic!  And the girls LOVE using it! you can make curly sweet potato fires, curly fun apple spirals!!!  I love that this gets them involved and excited to eat veggies! (buy here)

They last thing I bought was this "Nut milk bag" - it is like cheesecloth but way better, easier and less messy.  You can use it to strain anything - nut milks, juices, etc.  I bought this so I could make my own coconut milk and boy am I glad I did!!!  Peeps if you like coconut milk stop buying the store stuff that has a bunch of other ingredients added and try this 3minute recipe below!!! The result is the cleanest, purest, tastiest coconut milk you have ever had!! (buy here) and the girls loved squeezing the nut bag to get out all the milk goodness!

Coconut Milk 
2 cups warm filtered water
1 cup organic, unsweetened shredded coconut

Put water and coconut in blender and blend for 45-60secs 
Pour blended mixture through "nut milk bag" (or cheesecloth) into a bowl

Put in closed container in fridge (I used a mason jar).  
It will last for 4 days 

Note - Once it settles it will have a thicker layer on the top - for a treat 
use a spoon and scoop this into your morning coffee!!! 
If you don't like that just shake it to mix it up

Summer Salad

Good Morning Monday!!! This weekend was nice and chill and I got a lot done so I am feeling accomplished and ready for the week!! 

I was perusing the Internet, as I do so on occasion, and I came across this salad and it sounds absolutely wonderful - I will have to try this soon (I love arugula)!! (full recipe here)

Arugula, Blackberry, Avocado, and Pecorino Salad
Serves 8

- 5 oz. baby arugula
- 2 pints blackberries
- 2 avocados, diced
- 1 cup pecorino cheese, grated
- 1 cup pine nuts, toasted
- 1 lemon, juiced
- ¼ – ½ cup extra virgin olive oil
- Maldon salt

Lay baby arugula on a large platter and arrange with blackberries and avocado. Sprinkle with cheese, nuts, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt, and toss to combine

Back to School

Can't believe Summer is over in 3 weeks!!! Feels like it was just beginning and I was getting the girls signed up for all their summer classes and now they are all coming to an end!

I decided to take the next few Thursdays off work to spend with the girlies - thinking of just heading to the beach and savoring the time in the sunshine with them - getting sand in our hair and catching crabs and finding shells!

This weekend we are going "Back to School" shopping for them - which is sort of funny because their "supplies" aren't really much because they are still little - preschool and 1st grade - but we always get new backpacks, lunch-bags, thermos, and shoes! And of course some No. 2 pencils and colored crayons for good measure! 

I want to try and avoid the Disney - NikJr (princess, Dora. etc) backpacks this year as we have about 10 of them already so I am going to get the girls to take a look at some online with me . . . here are a few (boys & girls) I liked from Gap and Old Navy.

Picks from Gap (they are having 35% off all online orders through (8/10/15) - (here

Love these matching lunch bags with the front pouch - can fit more things and keep them separate! 

 Old Navy has some cute ones too (here) and their prices are great ranging from $13 - $24

They also have matching lunch bags starting at $8 (here)

Amazon Finds Friday

Happy Friday Peeps!  I am so excited to have a weekend with no plans except two live Piyo classes (I love getting a workout where I get my butt kicked) . . . I wanted to stop in today and share my Amazon finds with you.  Have a FAB weekend

I love the simplicity of this watch (here)

This is a great accent chair for your dining room or a little reading corner and it comes in different colors (we have pink in our dining room) (here)

I had no idea that Amazon sold live trees . . . great fiddle fig tree! (here)

The girls are having a hard time flossing even with those little animal shaped thingys so our dentist recommended this until they are older and can floss on their own . . . . Waterpik (here)

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