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A Gorgeous Home

The home of Olivia Babarczy, an Australian-based designer, was featured here on the Grace Tales the other day; her newly-renovated Spanish-style home is stunning! I am in love with the airy-openness of it all.  

I love the arches and the metal-framed windows and doors!  And that dining table . . . so wonderful for big family dinners.  What do you think?

Oufit Inspiration

We are hosting Thanksgiving again this year and it is supposed to be in the 60's here during the day and 40's at night; which is cold considering we have had many days this November in the high 80/90's!!!  

I am excited to be able to wear something semi-cozy! I am leaning towards this type of a look . . . faux leather leggings, boots or heels and a cozy sweater

Clearly Olivia Palermo has this look nailed!

A few new Christmas Traditions

We have been doing "Elf on the Shelf" (our elf in Maxx) since Emerson was 3yrs old and we love it . . . we don't get terribly crazy with it (just look up on Pinterest "Elf on the shelf!!) but it is something fun to wake up and get excited about with the girls leading up to Christmas day (buy here).

This year I am starting this tradition and I am so excited about it! You wrap up twenty-five children's books (they don't have to be new books). Put them under the Christmas tree with a special blanket next to them. Before bed each evening, let your child choose one book to open and read together...until Christmas!!!! How wonderful is this! You get to make memories, start a tradition and build you child's imagination, mind, and library!!! I want to do it as a family as many nights a week as we can!  I already ordered my first 8 books from Amazon to get us started

Lastly we normally just get the good old-fashioned cardboard advent calendars with the chocolates in it because it makes me think of my Christmas' in Scotland; that is what we had!  But this year, in addition to that, I bought this gift-box advent tree from the Target Threshold line, (here) their holiday stuff is amazing, so that I can personalize it with little crafts, a daily message or "kind thing to do" and make it our new tradition.

Oh and because they are too cute not to share, I got new stockings made for the girls this year because the old ones were not good quality and Harper's was not even personalized (ahem can we say 2nd child) . . . so I got these and the girls love them (they are so pillowy-soft!) (buy here)

What are some of your Holiday traditions!

The Look for Less

Restoration Hardware just opened their flagship RH Modern store (here) right next to my office and it is TO DIE FOR gorgeous . . .

The furniture is insane and has so much Milo Baughman influence and actual designs but done in modern finishes and materials . . . seriously worth a visit if you are in LA!  And while I love love love the pieces, the prices are extremely out of my price range . . . think $3000 a chair! 

So I set out to see if there were other stores out there carrying similar looks and low and behold my good ole faithful Urban Outfitters came to the rescue . . . take a look at some of these similar looks for a whole lot less.
 RH Modern ($2000-$4000)

 Urban Outfitters ($490)

 RH Modern ($355)

 Urban Outfitters ($98)

 RH Modern ($660)

 Urban Outfitters ($149)

 RH Modern (starts at $4195)

Urban Outfitters ($149)

 RH Modern ($1255)

 Urban Outfitters ($279)

Thanksgiving Traditions

I thought I would share our Thanksgiving traditions.  We have been hosting Thanksgiving now for the past few years and there are a few things that are becoming "traditions" . . . 

We always make a "Thankful Tree" at the beginning of November with the girls.  We cut out leaves in all different shapes and colors and we write what we are thankful for each day on a leave and add it to our tree.  We ask all friends and visitors who come to the house to write what they are thankful for and we add it to our tree.  By the end of November it is full of "thanks" from all our loved ones 

On Thanksgiving Day we have a few games that have become a tradition to play . . . darts and playing cornhole (we bought ours here).  They are great because the kids can get involved and they are both fun to have teams and play challenges with!

This year I want to add a new tradition of having these at the dinner table . . . . We already go around and have everyone say what they are thankful for but this would be a fun addition and mix things up . . . can't decide which one I want to order though?


What are your Thanksgiving traditions! I would love to hear them!!!

Splurge vs. Steal

Happy Friday Peeps - I am excited fora weekend of working out with my girls (Piyo), a trip to Ikea, and some cooler weather to cozy up with my girls and Mr. Hotpants.

I wanted to share my amazing find with you that is making my Friday more fantastic!  I fell in love with Isabel Marants Dewar Leopard booties last Fall but at $660 I just could not pull the trigger (on sale now for $330 here).

Imagine my delight when I saw theses on Old Navy s website the other day for  . . . wait for it  . . . .wait for it . . . .   $19!!!! (here)


The best part (other than being $19) is that they are ridiculously comfortable!!! And they fit TTS 

Table Settings

We are hosting Thanksgiving again this year and while Mr. Hotpants is the stellar, amazing chef who puts yummy goodness on the table year after year, I take the title of "hostess with the mostess."

So I started planning right after Halloween and the first thing was the invites.  I always use Paperless Post for my invites, both paper and email, because they are timeless & classy with a modern simplicity (and their cardstock is wonderful!) 

I started scoping out Pinterest for some table setting inspiration.  Last year I went dark and moody - using navy, rust, tartan, and golds.  This year I find myself drawn to a more light, simple, clean look . . . here are some inspiration photos I found.

OTK Boots

For my last minute Halloween costume (the Green Lantern) I needed some sleek black boots to go with the skintight green jumpsuit (gulp!!!)  I had two requirements: I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I needed them like yesterday!  

Thank goodness for Amazon coming to my rescue again!  I ordered these boots in black and really had low expectations, even though the reviews were all fantastic, seen as they were over-the-knee boots for $30!  You can imagine my surprise when I ended up wearing them all night, even out trick-or-treating, since they were that comfortable!  And they look so much more expensive than they are.   I am ordering the grey tomorrow for $35!!! 

If you like the look but don't want to pay the big bucks, definitely give these a try!

They remind me of these beautiful, but much more expensive, versions (all from Barneys.com and range from $800 - $1800)

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