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I'm Seeing Clearly . . .

I have worn glasses and contacts since I was in college and while I love the ease of my contacts for the day-to-day craziness, I have always loved the fashion, look and feel of a pair of good ole glasses!  

I am sure you have all heard of  Warby Parker by now but if not they are an amazing online store for sunglasses and eyeglasses for fantastic prices!  But that's not even my favorite part - my fav is the style and chicness of their glasses.  You can also order up to 5 pairs online to have sent to your home to "try on" before you buy them!! 

I just got my annual eye exam and I was so excited to see that Warby Parker just launched their new collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses. 

The new collection is a vintage-based collection that is both wonderfully romantic but sensible at the same time; take a look at some of these beautifully stylish eyeglasses  from this Leith x Warby Collection . . . . I am really contemplating the second pair for my new eyeglasses!! Aren't they fab with that gold?  The frames can be made into either eyeglasses or unique sunglasses!

You have to check out their site - their are SO many others to fall in love with! 


Oh Olivia!

Olivia Palermo is one of my ultimate style icons . . . there is honestly not one outfit I have ever seen her in that I don't love!!!!  She takes a few classic plain pieces, mixes and matches feminine and masculine pieces and adds her own little twist to them with accessories and color and viola! fabulousness ensues . . .  Take a look for yourself . . . sheer perfection every time!

I just love her style so I was super excited to see her Fall collection come out at Nordstrom for "Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28" There are only a few pieces but they all have such great details.  Shop the entire collection here


Fall Clothes: Kiddos

I am not sure about you gals but I find it waaaaay to easy to shop for my girls!!!!   As usual this year's Fall clothes are just adorable . . . not that it ever really gets that cold here in SoCal to enjoy the fantastic fashion!!! 

I just ordered some great things for the girlies (most were on ridiculous sale!) from H&M and Target!!!

I ordered these all from H&M (kids section here) and can't wait to get them!

 Stripes and ruffles!!! S O L D

 Fluffy, cozy cardigans!!! One in each color please

 D R E A M * B I G (gold and navy for the win!) 

 The girls always want some sort of clothing for each big 
holiday so I loved these cute crew necks!  And they were only $4.99 so no 
biggie that they only get to wear them for a month or so

I ordered these from Target - mostly from their new "Cat & Jack" line (which is so very good and very much like CrewCuts!)  I love how it is all mix-n-match!

 Love love love the little moto jacket!!!

My girls love to be comfy and since they don't wear school uniforms (I wish they did) they wear street clothes everyday for school (i.e. leggings!!) They are always on the monkey bars at school, playing tag, tether-ball or building stuff in the sand so they need clothes they can move around in (and essentially ruin) that does not break the bank!

 Love the pink stitching in this otherwise plain sweatshirt! 

 Gold sparkle leggings?  Why YES please!

 Love this arrowhead hoodie! 

 No prob-llama!!!

 Love the meaning, the colors, the feathers and its perfect for the season!

 We always get Halloween and Christmas PJs!  We have gotten the fitted "bones" ones the past few years but the girls wanted something different this year so they thought these were cute and liked the wide-legged bottoms for a change! 

Happy Friday

It is no secret that I love Amazon and today is no exception!  On this fabulous Friday I am sharing some great finds; hope you find something to PRIME!!!! 

Great price for this gorgeous tan pouf (here) and it comes stuffed! 

How gorgeous are the lines of this chair? And it's only $150 . . . it would be a great addition to a dining table and comes in espresso too! (here)

With cold/flu season around the corner we will surely have tissue boxes around the house but I'm not a fan of the cardboard decorated ones so I love the look of these little house silhouettes with the tissues like smoke! (here)

Loving this little FishHotel!!! We have many fish that "rotate" through our house so this would be a great non-eye-sore option (here)

Crushing on these booties  . . . best part? They are only $40 (here) and come in 3 colors

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