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Quick and Easy DIY

I wanted to share a quick and pretty painless DIY that I just finished that gave our living room a clean, fresh look!!!

Do any of you have an old brass fireplace surround that is an eyesore!!! We had two!  and they finally annoyed me so much that I had to do something about it! 

Here is a horribly bad photo from the original sale listing . . . . We painted the walls, the brick and took out that oddly high shelf?! 

Here are some photos from a few weeks ago . . . 

See how outdated and dirty everything looked?? . . . . YUCK!  Enter my little friend "High Heat Rust-oleum spray paint" (here)

The taping of the brass-surround was probably the most time-consuming and difficult part but once it was done the painting was easy.  I love the matte finish the spray paint has!  I also went ahead and touched up all the white brick too as it was pretty dirty. 

And here are some after photos (apologies for the dark iPhone pics)!!! But it is so much better right?? And pretty cheap and easy I must say! 

What do you think?

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