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It is no secret that I am a podcast, Audible, books-on-tape, SiriusXM radio junkie because I commute about 3-4hrs/day and I love my alone time to listen to a variety of things.  Today I thought I would share some of my favorite podcasts . . . . 

I must admit I have a love for true crime and real-life drama podcasts so these are some of my fav's from that genre:

My Favorite Murder - Two hysterically funny comedians talking about their favorite pastime - murders!  Always dishing out great stories with humor and humility and giving you safety tips!

The true story of Elizabeth Holmes and the health technology company, Theranos.  Such a riveting story about ambition and fame gone terribly wrong! 

This details the life of Aaron Hernandez, the rising football star who went from fame and fortune to convicted murderer in a few years.  Such a sad story all around 

An Australian host that details hundreds of true crimes from all over the world.

Another of my favorite true crime podcasts, these two guys, Nick and the Captain, go through true crimes and unsolved mysteries meticulously.

Unbelievable true story based very close to home - Newport Beach, CA.  

This podcast is probably the one that has SCARED me the most! I just can't fathom this happening but it did and MANY people were hurt and/or died as a result of one man's relentless pursuit of perfection mixed with ego, narcissism and drugs!  

This is a great podcast that covers the crazy story of the cult NXIVM (Nexium) that is in the news today and will be going to trial soon!!

I have a few other podcasts that I listen to that are NOT true crime based nor are they grim and scary.  Here they are . . . 

My favorite easy-listening podcast that I always learn something from is GOOP.  They always have great guests on and the episodes are short and sweet.  

I love The Daily for giving me the need-to-know current news stories and explaining them in a way I can digest and understand!  Twenty minutes a day, five days a week!!! 

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