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3 wows . . .

"wow"..... that's the word I kept hearing in my head, or shouting out loud, the past few days.  There are three "wow's" that really stood out though that I wanted to share.

WOW #1 . . . . Our fantastic, darling, 22 month old daughter, who has recently begun talking up a storm, decided out of nowhere to stop her oh-so-sweet "mama's" and "dada's", skip the super cute "mummy" and "daddy" that we were oh-so-patiently waiting for and has gone straight to ..... wait for it . .. . "mum" and "dad"!!!!! Really?! She is not even 2 and we have matured to "Mum" and "Dad"???  I am slightly devastated; I heard her say it for the first time on the monitor Saturday morning and couldn't believe my ears.  I feel as though she is about to say "Mum, can I borrow the car keys" or "but Mum, I don't want to practice piano" (secret dream of mine that she will play : ) .  . . so while I am embracing and enjoying her independence, my heart breaks a little each time she says it . . . . WOW.

yikes is this where we are heading?....the mature Suri Cruise via

WOW #2 . . . . My "R & R" Weekend!  My wonderful husband gave this weekend getaway to me as one of my Christmas gifts.  There were so many "wow's" that I lost count.  Here are a few: my pregnancy bath and massage WOW, The Huntley Hotel and Penthouse Restaurant WOW, my beet salad with hazelnuts & house made ricotta and my black truffle & mushroom risotto from Fraiche WOW, my amazing sister and brother-in-law jumping at the chance to look after Emerson to let us go on this weekend away (they are da bomb!) and the biggest WOW goes to my awesome husband for knowing I needed this, knowing "we" needed this and taking care of all the details, as I am usually the "planner."

                      The lobby at the Huntley                                             

The beds linens and pillows were heavenly! 

The Penthouse Restaurant

WOW #3. . . . . Olivia Wilde's red carpet dresses!!!!  I fell in love with Olivia Wilde's Golden Globes look!  The dress and the shoes!!! I would love to wear such a fairy-tale dress one day and rock it with some spiked, sparkly Louboutins!  It got me wondering what her other red carpet choices have been and WOW . . . I love them all; structured bustier tops, flowing full skirts and simple hair with fresh makeup.  Classic!

images from: Getty Images, JustJared, People, MTV

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