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Bare necessities . . .

There are some classic purses that make my heart race, that I consistently dream of and that are on my "One day" list.  You will see a definite trend in my choices - big bags and usually black leather!  These are only my "classic choices". . .  I have about a gazillion "of-the-moment-trend" choices too that I will have to do another post on!

Do you have purses that make your palms sweat at the sight of them?  Please do share! (Disclaimer - this list does not include, but it is surely implied that, ANY Hermes Birkin is always a necessity - just didn't see the need to load like 20 Birkin photos!)



  1. Lady, we have a LOT in common! Esp when it comes to bag picks...haha. I'm even more glad you found my blog now so we can obsess over handbags together. I have a very naughty habit of buying myself a nice bag every year (maybe a couple if I'm being very bad). I have my eye on a chanel tote or the classic quilted flap right now...also in love with the proenza schouler bags right now...i have declared that a lv neverfull (or a larger version of my goyard) will be my "diaper bag" when i have a kid, and i would take an hermes any day...THAT was a mouthful ;) And I'm probably forgetting many faves!


  2. JoAnn - you are too funny and YES i think we have TONS in common - I just got the LV neverfull as my diaperbag/purse and it is awesome - I can take everything in it! and yes i totally forgot (how could I??) the Chanel quilted flap on my list! And the Proenza Schouler messenger bags for spring - have you seen the blush color?!!! Need it! . . . i have another post of spring-IT-bags ready to go and its on that : ) ....fab minds think alike


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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