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I try to be green, I try to do all-organic and all-natural, I try to do sustainable and eco-friendly BUT I can't say I succeed all of the time, in every area, therefor I call myself "greenish."  We do recycle, we do use Energy Efficient appliances (some) and Energy Efficient (CFLs) light bulbs, I did make Emerson's baby food at home from organic produce, if I can I buy items that are made from recycled products, I do use biodegradable diapers, and if I am having things shipped I try to have them grouped together and shipped as one package.  Pardon my cheesiness but the "Man in the Mirror" had a great message . . .

If You Want Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change
(Michael Jackson) 

Some of my "greenish" efforts are actually very fun and look good too:

Mrs. Meyers - this stuff just smells heavenly! Their 4 signature scents are all scrumptious and invigoratingly fresh.  And they work!!!

just as good as comet or ajax - i was surprised!

these are great for getting the food and grease off your dishes and your kitchen smells divine when the dishwasher is done.

my kitchen sink staple

lemon verbena hand soap in the bathroom - lifts everyones mood

Seventh Generation - This is just a great company, they are so committed to the environment and our children and earth; you can't help but want to use it when you have kids. 

chlorine fee wipes - these are awesome; not too wet not too dry, just perfect and gentle

we have been using this for Emerson's clothes since she was born, very clean and fresh

recycled toilet paper - not as soft as Charmin but definitely a more respectable toilet paper

recycled paper towels

recycled trash bags

Floursack Towels - I am trying to cut down on my use of paper products, especially paper towels, but I was having such a hard time finding good absorbent dishtowels - they were all crappy; just pushed the water around and didn't soak it up, even the Williams Sonoma ones. But then I found out about these floursack towels (you can find them on several sites, even Dean & Deluca) and they are AMAZING; they are large, super absorbent, and I like the white so they can be bleached or oxicleaned to stay looking fresh, and more importantly they look rustic and professional hanging in your kitchen!  I am addicted and wont be buying any other type of dishtowels from now on!

This is such a great idea for storing them within reach in the kitchen although I think a glass apothecary jar or a champagne bucket would be more my style.

Filtrete Water Station - I am also trying to cut down on plastic water bottles so finding this little gem was a miracle.  I cant say enough about it; you just have to buy a new filter every 3 months, the water tastes great, the bottles are dishwasher safe and you can buy extra bottles, and I love that I can just grab one on the way out the door and throw in my purse -- and we are saving the planet from a gazillion plastic bottles!


  1. Brilliant! ove your Michael quote - my favourite song. The water station, that might be the solution for me...and an end to drawers full of old beaten bottles with no tops! Def going to try the Meyers scrub. Comet is so harsh isn't it?

  2. haha, man in the mirror is my husband's fave michael song! i too am green-ish...thanks for the tip on meyer's products. i have always seen them but never tried 'em.

    ps. your comment made me giggle!


  3. I'm getting those dish towels now! Greg is always complaining how ours aren't thirsty enough...


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