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I am a mum who is always asking for other mum's favorite things, places, activities, secret tips and tricks of the trade!  And when I have any of my own I love to share them . . . anything that makes a mum's life easier, happier and all around more pleasant is something that must be shared! So here are just a few of my favorite things - there will be plenty more posts like this!

Baby Gap jersey lined jeans - These are so soft and feel like sweatpants on the inside. Great for comfort and fashion!

Nowali Moccasins - Great to use for beginner walkers; the elastic band over the top of the foot keeps them on! Awesome for inside slippers when kids are toddlers and older - fantastic non-slip soles even on hardwood floors.  I got these for Emerson in Navy, red, brown and cream (I have a slight problem with buying baby shoes....cant help myself;they are irresistible)

Nature Babycare Diapers - The next best thing to cloth diapers if you are trying to be green but cannot really commit to the cloth diaper trend.  These are great for your little ones tushes (chlorine free, biodegradable materials and no petrochemicals), great for the environment and for the fashionistas in all of us, these are almost all white so you don't have a huge "Winnie-the-pooh" cartoon glowing through your little ones leggings or tights!  They also sell disposable bibs, bags, nursing pads and pull on pants for bigger kids!

Also if you set up a subscription through Amazon Mom you get 30% off diapers and wipes! It is awesome ..... you just figure out how often you need a shipment of diapers/wipes (we also have monthly subscriptions for paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent and fabric softener - can you tell we are addicted!) and viola they show up monthly on your doorstep without you ever having to go anywhere or order each time!  Such a time-saver for busy mum's.

Beaba Babycook - I cannot say enough about this little gem!  I still use it daily and Emerson is 22mth's old. This is the easiest, cleanest, fastest and most non-overwhelming way for a mum to make all-natural, yummy goodness for their little eaters!  And for those Amazon Mom's you can buy it there too! Emerson loves all her veggies and her sweet potatoe & squash  mac-n-cheese and I totally attribute it to this little steamer/food processor that helps you prepare such wholesome nutritious meals.

Colic Calm - This was our "miracle" (also referred to as "baby crack" by my husband) when our little Emerson had horrible tummy problems aka Grunting Baby Syndrome.  This stuff worked wonders, you can order from Amazon or their site directly.  It is an all natural, homeopathic gripe water manufactured in the USA.  Just beware that it is "black" in color (vegetable charcoal) so spit-ups and poops tend to be black, which can be discerning to look at but I assure you it is better than seeing your little one squirm in pain (just invest in some cheap terrycloth bibs and keep those over clothing)

Oh and you HAVE to order the NumiMed Dispenser (order from Colic Calm website above)!  This is a pacifier that you can put any medicine in, not just Colic Calm,  and your baby just sucks it all up! No spills, no leaky rivers running out your baby's mouth . . . clean and easy.  We used this pacifier to give Emerson her vitamins, Tylenol and Mylicon drops until she was about 18mths old! 

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  1. My brother and sister lived in those Gap jeans as babies. I hope once I have children they still sell them!



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