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Mo mo mo . . . MoMA

I can spend hours online at The MoMA Store, literally, hours.  It is page after page of cool, inventive, fresh & modern gizmo's.  When I am stumped for a gift for someone this is where I head to first for ideas and inspiration.  There is something for everyone - the foodie, the kids, the hostess, the gadget-gizmo-obsessed friends, the artsy-creative (weird in some cases) friends, your mum, your dad and even the bookworms.  Here are some that caught my eye.

For the little ones . . .
A 3-in-1 starter cup (from nipple to sippy to straw)

OMG this is like the Katie Fine piggy ones I posted yesterday - might have to get 2 of these for Emersons room

We got this table for Emerson's Christmas in white from here (better prices) and she LOVES it!!!

I bet kids would eat anything from this fork . . . well, at least trying would be fun

 I love the primary colors and simplicity of this mobile - and elephants are so gentle and calming to me

How fun is this "spilt milk" bowl . . . . how could you not smile or laugh at the breakfast table!

For the big ones:

Love, love, love this alarm clock - clean, classic and not "electronicky" (my word) looking

This would make peeling Emersons apples more fun!

This could add some youthfulness to your kitchen  . . . would be fun to leave little pictures for each other.

Call me a nerd, but I think this is rad (yes I said "rad") - a collapsable, reusable, rollable water bottle!!!

I love the unpredictability of these Champagne glasses - such a contradiction.

I want these in my fridge - one with soy milk and the other almond milk, please! Would make my morning coffee taste so much better.

This would be wonderful to look up into on a stormy rainy day - It would create smiles

Two or three of these on the dinner table would look great, you could even use them in the fridge: one for water, one for OJ . . .  or for wines on the dinner table - a red and white

For the weird ones:

Are you serious?!  I just had to add this - it is called the "Banana Bunker" and it is for "protecting delicate fruit from bruising while transporting" . . . . this has to be the weirdest thing I have seen in a while! How would you feel pulling this out of your purse at lunch time?  ha ha ha . . . . this is just hilarious


  1. Hi nice to meet you, Jody here. banana bunker is hilarious. just when I thought I didn't need a banana bunker they made one. Actually its probably the only way kids could get a banana to school without it being smushed. BTW, had a great time in Santa Monica over summer, went to the secret stairs and did a post on it!

  2. That elephant bookend is absolutely fabulous!!


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