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My Spring Wardrobe . . .Only in my sweet little dreams

I love the seasons; the changing of the leaves in fall, the apple-green colored new leaves on the trees at the beginning of spring, the smell of sunscreen in the air at the start of summer and the cool, chilling breeze that sets in with the hint of winter. 

Along with the weather changes come the fashion changes (insert image of me doing my "happy leaps" here) . . . and I love love love the new spring designs and colors, BUT ..... this year I won't be able to wear much of the breathtaking spring or summer pieces as I will be more restricted to muu muu's (think Homer Simpson), a breastfeeding pump or an attached nursing 2mth old, nursing tanks, granny panties and loose sweatpants as we are excited to be expecting our 2nd little "noodle" on July 3rd 2011. 

So without further ado, here are a few of my absolute favorites for this spring/summer, that I so sadly won't be debuting here at Glitter & Gold, from a favorite designer Thread Social (one of the designers is my besties sister-in-law!!) Their clean classic designs are such a fresh, modern Audrey Hepburn look with a sweet twist - I am addicted!

The 2nd and 4th are my favorites! I can just see the striped navy & white dress with a white blazer or cropped trench coat, bold & gold flats or creamy caramel wedges and my white canvas & leather satchel.  So classy, so french, so easy, so me when I don't have a bowling ball as an accessory!

Ah "se la vie" . . . . I get to enjoy and bask in my growing belly and I truly do love it! It is such an amazing and powerful feeling being pregnant; you can't help but glow!  These may be my alternative choices via Topshop.


  1. I'm completely in love with those orange and gold flats! I just wish they were about $350 cheaper!
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  2. Jessica - I know! maybe I can find something similar but cheaper -- keep posted in case I do .... thanks for stopping by!

  3. My little peanut was born on July 3!
    Love those dresses...


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