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I am starting to mentally and physically prepare for baby #2 arriving in July and I have started cleaning out some spots in the house where things were, well piling up!  And lo & behold I came across this journal entry from when Emerson was 4 wks old . . . . and WOW the reality of another newborn smacked me square across the jaw!!! Please read as I am sure you will find it amusing and hopefully relateable in some way.  I may do a few more of these posts as I wrote quite a lot!

"Emerson is 4 wks old and I decided to tackle the grocery store with her by myself today. . . . ha ha ha. How can one simple, normal task suddenly seem daunting and so scary?

One of my favorite photos - daddy & emerson

So after getting up this morning and feeding Emerson, burping her, changing her twice because she spit up and pooped almost simultaneously while sneezing!??!@?@? Then putting her in her bouncy chair (my savior!!) I took a quick shower and changed then had to change again because Emerson projectile vomited all over me and my sofa . . . . then I had to get our dog, Lucy Sue, ready for me leaving - this consists of stuffing a plastic toy full of chicken or cheese, closing all the bedroom doors, and making sure she has food and water. Seriously I got up at 8:35am and by the time we left for the grocery store it was 12:38pm . . . the grocery store !!!! you would think I were Gwyneth Paltrow getting ready for a red carpet event by the amount of time it took to get ready . . . although I was sorely missing the glamorous gown, the sparkling champagne and the glowy radiance .  . . I had leaky breasts, throw-up on my shoulder and no make-up!!! Lovely.

 first snuggles - *sigh*

I get to the store only to discover I have NO IDEA how and what to do with Emerson, the car seat and the shopping cart! I was so intimidated and embarrassed that I didn't know how to take my baby in the store that I opted for the Snap'n'Go stroller over the shopping cart - I would just pop the car-seat on the stroller base and cut my shopping list down to whatever I could fit in a shopping basket! Forget the big fantasizes of a refrigerator stocked of goodies, I would settle for a basket of diapers, panty liners (oh yes!!) and milk! And Emerson was SLEEPING (YEAH!!!) so I wanted to do all this in like 10 minutes max!

image via  Kelly Cicero

It is funny how fast I whirled thru the store so anxious that Emerson would erupt into her inconsolable newborn cries that only a boob will console. Before Emerson I was an independent, confident, adventurous and fashionable woman . . . now I feel like an alien in my own world.  Driving my car felt foreign, walking my dog felt as if I had never done it before . . . . it really all changed, so drastically for me, in the blink of a c-section scar!!!"  

image via  Kelly Cicero


  1. SO darling! thanks for sharing...your family is just so gorgeous!

    glad i discovered your blog...have a lovely weekend


  2. Thanks for reposting this story. As a new mom, I laughed in agreement. As I am reading this with Ben on my chest at 4 am I realize my life will never be the same but I am so thankful for this amazing blessing.


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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