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week-end de bienvenue

Just wanted to say have a fantastic weekend everyone!  Hope it's filled with laughs, good food, great wine or delicious cocktails, and lots of rest and relaxation! 

Here are some of my favorite lazy weekend photos:

Our sweet Lucy Sue - this is where she can usually be found; lounging on our bed!

 Friday night lights! Nothing beats candles and full-bloom roses.

Well, adding a little bubbly doesn't hurt!

 Can I say "delicious in a bottle?"

The hubby and I tend to do this alot for weekend dinners - a baguette and delicious WholeFood spreads!

Off to dinner in the rain ( a few weekends ago) - I want her outfit for me!!!

Sporting her new bangs (aka "fringe" in Scotland) - Isn't she precious?


  1. Love all your photos, your dog looks in heaven, Jo Malone is divine and your daughters' "fringe" - lovely. Yes that's what Kiwis call it too!

  2. aww thank you!! yes thats our dogs fav place. . . I didnt know kiwi's called it a fringe too!?

  3. Your girl is super cute, and so is your nightstand!

  4. TOO CUTE! your kids are darling!
    that glam bible is so fascinating...never seen anything like it!



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