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can't live without

After a weekend of a few minor "mishaps" (ahem - crayons and strawberries and grape juice) it has been affirmed that these are 2 of my "can't live without" products.

This amazing Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover pen - perfect for purse, car, diaper bag or that "kitchen" drawer (you know the one - the one with anything and everything in it!) - It literally takes off anything; as witnessed by the disappearing strawberry and blackberry juice stains that were all over Emerson's white t-shirt.

And the Mr. Clean  Magic Eraser pads- These are, how do you say? MAGIC!!!  They take crayon off any surface (not carpet) and they take those black scuff marks off the bottom of your doors and door frames - a friend and I recently just cleaned all our interior doors with these and they look brand new!!!

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  1. Thanks for this! Gotta get the tide pen - much needed in this house, that's for sure!


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