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car concert

Want to know what is sometimes the best therapy for feeling out of it, down, upset, or just plain yuck? . . .

A "car concert" held by the one-and-only, YOU!!!! I am a true believer in these (you can ask my sister as her and I have had many duet car concerts together!). 

They can be impromptu or planned (aka flee the house to drive around and count to 10), one song or 15 songs, they can be loud, fun and dance-party-ish or they can be sweet, soft, and emotional (let the tears flow if you need to) . . . just follow these steps:

1. pick a song that you know almost ALL the words to
2. turn it up loud - so loud you can't really hear your own voice because then you won't judge yourself
3. put on your sunglasses if its during the day - gives you diva confidence
4. free your mind, belt out those lyrics and let the emotions, whatever they are, flow . . .

Some of the time I add an occasional dance move, or microphone hold, or even the arm reach *don't laugh* (if it is really powerful) . . . but whatever the song and whatever the moves I ALWAYS feel so much better after a good "car concert," they are fun, liberating, and therapeutic. 

Some of my favorite car concert songs:
1. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
2. Single Ladies by Beyonce
3. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
4. Almost any Beatles songs

Next time your in your car, try a "car concert" and let loose . . . you will feel like a million bucks!  

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