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Feeling good . . .

It seems as though for the past 2-3yrs, I have been lacking in energy, always feeling tired and drained!  Not a good feeling when you have just woken up and are supposed to feel refreshed.  Countless cups of coffee and cans of Redbull never seem to do much for me but make me feel frazzled and as though "chaos" is pulsing through my body!  

Being pregnant I need to feel good and have energy now more than ever, especially being a working -mum with a 2yr old!  Alas, this week I started making protein shakes in the mornings and "wow" are they helping me out!  I have tried this in the past and a few things have inevitably made this fail -  (1) not having the blender out on the counter and having to pull it out each morning and (2) trying to be too extravagant with too many ingredients.  

So on that note I have pulled my blender out and given it a permanent home on my kitchen counter (I put the toaster away as I hate too many appliances out) and I have narrowed down the ingredient list and I must say these are incredibly fast, easy and delicious.  They are so easy that I can do this while prepping Emerson 's breakfast!

Ingredient list (this can totally vary of your flavor choices)
  • Frozen berry (fruit of choice) mix
  • Soy milk (almond milk, regular milk, etc)
  • Strawberry lowfat Kefir (drinkable yogurt -flavor of choice)
  • Vanilla protein powder (1 scoop) (whey or soy)
  • Flax seed (coarsely ground) (2 tbsp) (you can do powder or liquid although powder you don't taste as much)

Basically you just put all these in the blender and viola you have an amazing refreshing shake filled with goodness and energy - I honestly haven't had to have coffee in 4 days!!!   If it is too thick just add more Kefir or soy milk.  And as you can see you can tailor this to as non-fat or full-fat a shake you want based on your milk and yogurt choices. 

Tip - My husband likes to spice it up and has added these ingredients to this shake and it is divine, but a little weird! Try adding a handful of coffee beans and a tablespoon of peanut butter!! Yup, that's what I said, coffee and PB - trust me it's delectable!

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  1. I blend myself a fruit and yoghurt smoothie almost everyday and I swear by them! Not only are they healthy and low GI they are delicious :) I add icecubes to mine to make it nice and chilled! :) x


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