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A few things that made my weekend!

Weekends are sometimes two days of joy, fun and relaxation but sometimes they are 2 days of rushing around, catching up, checking things off the to do list and running mundane errands . . . . . and while this weekend was one of those rushing around ones for us, there were a couple of things that made it as sweet as candy.

The Mint cleaner makes me so incredibly happy!  It is a robotic sweeper/cleaner (kind of like the Roomba) but for hardwood floors; it does a dry and wet mop!  It is the simplest thing to set up and use and it has a GPS system so it can find it's way around.  I put Emerson down for her nap, picked up her toys and turned this baby on.  While I sat with my feet up reading a pile of new magazines, this little beauty swept up all the dog hair, crumbs and junk (chalk, loose raisins, cheerios, - you get the idea) that gets accumulated on our hardwood floors through-out the weekend.  When I saw it at work in my mum's house last Thanksgiving it immediately went on my Santa list and Santa is awesome.

After having a little bit of a bad day on Saturday (major headache & 2yr old melt-downs one after the other) I retired to my bed at 8:30pm, only to have my husband walk thru our bedroom door with none other than 8 cadbury creme eggs . . . . i am in *lust* with these right now, and it was the little slice of heaven I needed; ate 2 right there in my bed with a huge smile on my face!

A weekend filled with this smile and those cheeks:


Night-time walk with Lucy

Running away from mummy when she was mid-diaper change!

got the diaper and bloomers on, only the dress and sandals to go *phew*

She was loving the slide and was all "red-cheeked" from running

a tired, but oh-so-happy, 5mths pregnant mummy


  1. So sweet. PS, Lucy is one of my most favorite names!!

  2. Just found your blog via Chassity and I adore it! You are your little girl are too sweet! Look forward to following you! xoxo


  3. omg, i ADORE cadbury cream eggs! i rejoice everytime it is "cadbury cream egg season" as i call it..and then i hoard them so i can eat them well after easter!

    those little pigtails are just DARLING!



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