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Light Gives Heat

You have to check out this amazingly beautiful site.   The company, Light Gives Heat, "is a small non-profit company working toward creatively meeting real needs in both Africa and America." this is their mission & vision:

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If nothing else, you have to read how Light Gives Heat got started , it made me cry!  They get creative with the ways they can help embrace and empower Africans to help themselves through sustainable economic development. Right now their main focus is the Suubi (hope) project in the villages of Walukuba/Danita and the EPOH project in Jinja, Uganda. 

The work of these artisans is beautiful, the stuff we see here in the USA in Barneys, Nordstroms and Saks.  But these pieces all have a story, all come from the hands of a person who has seen and experienced a life we will never know.  

During the month of February they have an offer called "buy one give one" (you get two for the price of one)!  You should check out the video to see the founder's reason for doing this - it's all about passing on and spreading the story.

Look at these beautiful bags - I am definitely buying one and can't wait to give one to keep their story going. And that beaded necklace!!! Two please!




  1. What a great cause and amazing pieces, love the colours and textures of that bag.

  2. What an awesome cause. I bought a gucci purse that sent %15 of its purchase price to Africa for AIDS. I love when style & design is incorporated into missions such as this one. Beautiful blog - definitely following!


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