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a little gem on Robertson . . .

There is a great boutique on Robertson Blvd that I frequent quite often as it is next door to my Starbucks and I love looking at pretty things on my lunch break.  Les Pommettes (formerly Vionnet) is filled with great designer clothing, beautiful jewelery, and a great line "Decollette" which is designed by the boutique's owner, Delia.  The boutique doesn't sell anything made of leather, fur, suede, skins, bone, teeth, claws, ivory or feathers because Delia is a woman of my own heart, a vegetarian! 

Les Pommettes store

Les Pommettes also carries a great vegan line of purses Deux Lux and they are gorg!  They are beautifully made and feel very lux.  Here are a few of my favorites.

It was also at Les Pommettes that I found a designer that I love, Camilla Franks.  "Camilla, a former theatre actress, designed and created her own flamboyant costumes that naturally translated into her debut kaftan collection.  The Camilla label brings worldly charm, personality and exotic flavour to timeless fashion."

These kaftans and tunics are just out-of-this-world; they are so vivid and graphic!  I dream about just lounging around poolside in these with my ginger mojito!!! Maybe when the kids are 15yrs old right?! 


  1. Wow! Incredibly cool caftans in blues and greens...I'll be passing this link onto friends!

  2. LOVE the caftans! definitely want to go check these out...and i also love that deux lux bags are reminiscent of the gorg but SUPER pricey bottega venetta bags! a great alternative :)



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