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my little big brown eyes . . .

. . . when I look into Emerson's beautiful big brown eyes I know that those will be the exact same big brown eyes I will look into when she cries at her first day of school, when she tells me her friends are being mean to her, that a boy has broken her heart, that she is going away for college, that she's in love with a man she wants to marry and that she is pregnant with her own little bundle of joy.  Those deep brown eyes haven't changed from the moment I met them. 

Looking at her now, at 23mths, can take me right back to when she was 2months old and we were pacing her bedroom floor "sshhhh-ing" her to sleep and staring into that teeny little face with those big brown eyes gleaming back at me.  They are haunting (in a beautiful way); they are there when I close my eyes, there when I think of her and there in every picture we have.  When I watch her playing and experiencing things for the first time, it's those big brown eyes that show everything; the gleam of excitement when accomplishing something all by herself, the glossy of the torrential tears when she falls and gets a boo-boo, the droopiness of the exhausted, ran-around-all-day, happy baby eyes.

My heart is simultaneously overjoyed and heartbroken thinking of Emerson growing up.  I hope to see her grow into a beautiful young woman, who is independent, happy, kind, generous, and loving.  That she experiences love, friendship, travel, and enjoys life through the many amazing opportunities it has to offer.  And on the other hand I overwhelmingly long to keep her my little best friend forever, getting "squeezy" hugs and nose-kisses (Eskimo kisses) from her and dressing her teddy bears up in diapers, socks & shoes and hair bows.  Do other mummies have days where they feel like this?


  1. That just brought a wee tear to my eye, she's a special little girl with a special little Mummy. These pictures bring back some great memories, crazy how quickly time goes by.

  2. this is so beautiful... emerson is absolutely adorable...hope i can have a son or daughter one day!



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