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A wifes best friend . . .

. . . her husband?   YES!!! I have never felt so lucky as the day I met my husband.  Every day since then has been better than the day before.  We are each others cheerleaders, best friend, soundboard and strength.  He makes me laugh and gives me the drive to be a better mum, friend, daughter and person - he challenges me, loves me and accepts me in all my crazy-glory.  He is the smartest man I know and the most handsome man too. 

I have been meaning do this post ever since Christmas but my mind got carried away into Spring a little too fast, so without further ado this is "my husband spoiled me for Christmas" post.  He did and guess what?  I loved it!

1.) I am always lugging around my diaper bag and my purse and usually one extra random bag with "stuff" in it so what did my hubby do?  He bought me the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM!

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It is the absolute perfect size for a mum.  Not only can I carry all my regular things (wallet, phones, checkbook, makeup bag) but I can also put in a few diapers, wipes, a SIGG sippy cup, a snack, a change of clothes for Emerson and her "blankie."  Not to mention a notebook for my crazy "to-do-lists" and some work folders!  But more than anything it was the sweet thought behind it - he knew I wanted to still look pulled-together while on the go with Cheerios stuck to my cardigan! 

2.)   Drybar - This is an absolute godsend.  It is a salon solely dedicated to blow-outs; no cuts or color, just wash and blowout and it is only $35!!!! Where has this been all my life?  They have 4 Los Angeles locations : Brentwood, Studio City, West Hollywood and Pacific Palisades, and they are opening locations in Newport Beach, Dallas (TX), and Scottsdale (AZ).  What did hubby do for me with this one? He bought me an annual membership!!!   I get 2 blow-outs every month with a complimentary scalp massage - heaven!  And when you check-in they offer you a drink - wine, champagne, tea, coffee  . . . . it really is a dream come true.

The color palette of the salon is adorable with pops of yellow!

So yes I was totally spoiled and yes I married the most amazing man & daddy and I could not be happier.



  1. Your husband is quite the gem and appreciates the fine things, I like this! Um, REALLY wishing we had a drybar in Charleston! So cool.

  2. Yep, your husband is the definition of A Keeper! Think I'm due for a new diaper bag/carry all, so I'm happy to know about the stylish LV version - I'll have to save up!

  3. Lucky lady!!! I absolutely ADORE the neverfull and plan on getting it as my diaper bag one day (or maybe a larger goyard tote, i'm not 100% sure yet..).


  4. This bag is so great. I love it! You can hold all of the baby stuff and still look oh so cute.


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