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A little bit of randomness at Madison

I was out and about today at lunch and decided to stop into one of my favorite boutique stores on 3rd Street, Madison.  It was such a fun little visit; the windows and mannequins were splashed in the beautiful bouquet colors of Missoni . . . *le sigh*

The shelves were loaded with refreshing, neutral-toned summer thong sandals from my favorites: Guiseppe Zanotti, Dolce Vita, Pedro Gracia, and Chloe

The glass display cases were drizzled with shiny and tantalizing accessories from bangles and bracelets and baubles to clutches and scarfs and sunglasses from Elizabeth and James, YSL, CC Skye, and Spun by Subtle Luxury.

My friend bought these Elizabeth & James sunglasses today while we were there and they are killer!

And they carry one of my absolute favorite lingerie lines, Only Hearts, and I can't wait till my body returns to some state of normalcy (after breastfeeding) to buy some of these pretties . . . 

I was waiting at the counter for Linda to buy her sunglasses when this little bracelet caught my eye in the glass case I was leaning on . . . and as I asked the sales girl to see it I got the most intense swift kick in the ribs from baby #2 that I took it as a sign that I was meant to have it . . . so it came home with me today and I "love"it.


  1. Love the second Missoni dress, it looks so free and easy. They have really started to become more contemporary, is is the influence of their younger generation?

  2. Geeesh, I tried to keep track of all my loves in this post so I could tell you down here, but frankly there are too many!! GREAT post!

  3. Top dress: fab! I would wear any and all of the sandals. And all the gold. Yes!


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