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"Mummy Circle" Monday

You know the last few months the weekends have flew by and come Sunday night I am more (if this is possible) tired than I am on a Friday night . . . . something is wrong with this folks and I aim to get to the bottom of it.  I know the problem, I am just not sure how to remedy it . . . .

The problem - too many errands to run with tired 2yr old in tow, visiting friends and/or family, the pressure of doing something to stimulate Emerson and contribute to her development (geez that has enough guilt built in to ruin a person), the expectations for the weekend are sometimes different for the mummy and daddy involved, home projects, left over work projects, gym time, and the ever-searching for the little "alone" time.

The remedy - Not sure how to remedy this especially with a new baby on the way . . . it's only going to get worse right????  I welcome any thoughts or suggestions on this one ladies & gents!!!

So I am skipping a mummy interview this week because I found a few other things I thought were interesting!

I really like skimming the Huffington Posts ""Living" section and this week I came across this article, "Is your new baby a Marriage wrecking ball" . . . . it is a pretty good article and worth a read but I wanted to highlight my favorite part and see what you think!  . . . I had to say it definitely brought me a good belly laugh.  Does this conversation happen in your home? Is it realistic and is it really this easy to avoid all the frustration?

"Here are two steps to take when your partner is looking at you with rage, disgust or even just mild irritation.
  1. Describe the emotions you think you are seeing in your partner. Say you go to work and your partner has been home alone all day with baby. You come home, and he or she immediately unleashes on you for being late. Instead of pointing out that it is only 5:36 and you promised to be home by 5:30, say something like, "You look exhausted. And furious. You are clearly about to blow a gasket."
  2. Make a guess as to where those emotions are coming from. Continue, "You couldn't have clocked more than three hours of sleep last night; you must be feeling unbelievably crappy because of that alone. And it doesn't help that I got plenty of sleep, woke up, showered without interruption, and then jaunted off to the office, where I have engaging work, adults to talk to and lunch in restaurants that don't involve pureed peas which eventually land on my collar. I'm so sorry that I'm late, honey. I appreciate all you are doing right now."

The other good "read" I found this week was from "The bump" titled "Top 6 Things Moms wish Dads knew" . . . . here they are and I like them:

1. We still want to feel sexy
2. We're new at this too . . . and its hard!
3. We still love you; we're just tired and cranky
4. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are NOT easy
5. We need some help . . . and some breaks
6. Diapers, diapers, diapers

On a good note, Emerson went pee pee on her potty for the FIRST time - bribery via jellybeans!!  We finally got a crazy electrical problem taken care of in our kitchen (fingers crossed on this one) and we tried two new kid-friendly restaurants this weekend that were delicious, close to our house and actually pretty healthy!

I will be back next Monday with another Mummy Interview, a fun boutique website and some more good daily online mum reads!

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  1. Its understandable. On Friday night even with kids its still Friday night and there is that promise of a wonderful night and a weekend out in front of you. On Sunday there is only work and the weekend is over...Even if you don't work you seriously get the Sunday night blues...We have always gotten a Sat night babysitter and that gives you something to look forward to. (and when kids where really tiny we also had a wed night babysitter!)


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