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"Mummy Cirlce" Monday

I am super excited to announce a new addition to the "Mummy Circle," my little sister Katie, who gave birth to their first little bundle, Morgan, on Saturday morning.  Mummy, daddy and baby are doing great. . . my sister was an absolute champ and a natural at the birthing thingy - I may just ask her to have our 2nd one in July for me ha ha ha . . . . and daddy was attentive when needed, was quiet when asked and did a great job of his "counting to tens!" . . . . so here is a little pic of the beauty that we call "life."

Now for this weeks "mummy interview."  I am super excited to introduce a wonderful friend and mummy, Laurie.  She is mummy to sweet, amazing-dance-moves Penelope, who is Emerson's BFF!!!  I met Laurie at a Mommy-n-Me Music Class that we started when I think the girls were just around 1yr?!  Laurie and her husband live one street over from us in Santa Monica in an amazing concrete-poured floor, open styled loft!!! From the first "Head, shoulders, knees and toes . . ." there was an instant "mummy connection" between Laurie and I - she is super intelligent, lovingly thoughtful, her door is always open, and is one of the most "natural/green" mummies I know. 

1.   You are a mummy?  Explain yourself (how many kids & ages)
I am 39 years old (gasp!) and have one daughter, Penelope, age 2.3 yrs.

2.   Do you have any advice for surviving the first 3mths with a newborn? (Tricks of the trade, must have gear or gadgets?)
Sleep whenever you can grab it, complain to sympathizing mommy friends whenever they lend an ear, “playdates” w/other mommies when you feel up to it

3.   What do you do in your day for yourself and how do you carve that time out? (nap, bath, makeup, read, amazing skincare products)
To be honest, don’t get much time to myself at all- still! I nap when Penelope naps (sometimes), showers are always on the fly- can’t remember last time I took a bath?! I read here & there before bed if Penelope happens to be asleep long before me. But this is where I part from the norm with "late night Penelope!"

4.   Tips on melt-downs and tantrums?
Distraction or sometimes just plain give-in to their unreasonable demands : ) We’re just starting to dabble in time-outs. I do notice tantrums happen more when Penelope is tired….

5.   Sleeping tips? (in your bed, in crib, transition from your bed to crib or from crib to toddler)
Um, I’m not your gal for this!

6.   To pacifier or not . . . and tips for breaking this?
We still do the paci… I’d say she doesn’t demand it as much as she used to.

7.   What mantra’s/rituals keep you sane in the chaos?
Working out, yoga when possible! And a girl’s night out here & there….

8.   What is one thing you sacrificed (besides your sleep, your freedom, and your whole life J/K) after having children? (skipping the makeup,  making meals from scratch, fashion)
I definitely am not the hot chick I used to be…: ) Shopping time is hard to come by. The hair isn’t styled as much as it used to be. It’s more whatever I can do to myself and throw on quickly!

9.   Do you have any crafty tips/ideas that you used to get your baby/kid to eat something they didn’t like?
I would chop broccoli in tiny pieces and put in her eggs. I think that’s common though - hiding the yucky stuff in the stuff they like!

10. What are your secrets to keeping up your energy levels (magic wand, secret potion, crazy vitamins, shakes)
Working out seems to give me an energy boost. Napping when possible! Smoothies with a shot of protein helps too. And lots and lots of coffee if nothing else works… But have to say amazing how little sleep you adapt to functioning off of?!

11. How do you stay fabulous?
It’s genetic really…. : ) Oh and keeping my relationships going with awesome mommy friends like you! Helps a lot!!                                                             

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  1. What a wonderful addition to your extended family. Congrats to your sister! And what a great name. The biggest thing in my life was reading The Contented Little Baby Book, schedules and sleeptraining.


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