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Shaping up to be a good week!

This week got off to a bad start.
  • Emerson turned 2 and within a day became riddled with separation anxiety and turned into this clingy little person! She wouldn't let me put her down, was screaming whenever I left her and literally threw herself into the front door when I was trying to leave for work yesterday.  Consequently I was so upset that I cried my entire drive to work.  In her entire 2yr life she has NEVER had any problem being left with anyone at anytime so it has been confusing, heartbreaking, and downright frustrating to figure out.
  • My husbands work schedule got messed up and we had to have our nanny stay late yesterday (we try so hard not to do this!)
  • My pregnant body is doing a real number on my tailbone - so painful it is excruciating to sit in any position for any time longer than 5minutes - how I am supposed to "push" like this?!
  • We got home so late on Monday that we didn't get to the grocery store and therefor started the week off with no food!

But it took a turn for the better and has continued to shape up (knock on wood)
  • First my husband got a letter telling him he was accepted into a Brewmaster program starting 2013!

  • We got our groceries delivered to our home last night at 8pm!! Yummy

  • Today we paid our last car payment on my car - feels so good to own the car and know we don't have that monthly payment anymore - more shopping money for me . . . sshhhhh!

    Not really my car but same color and just as shiny!! via
  • This morning I was able to distract Emerson with finger paints while I kissed her on the head and told her I was off to work and NO TEARS shed! 
  • My husband cooked an amazing meal for me last night after a long day at the clinic.
  • These beauties were sitting at the front reception of Drybar when I checked in - makes my whole body smile!

  • It is my husbands birthday on Friday and we are going to celebrate with a relaxed family weekend; probably head to the beach, go for an early B-day dinner and maybe stroll the Farmers Market on Sunday morning. There may have to be some Red Velvet cake involved at some point!

Hope your week has either been fabulous or has gotten better - it's almost the weekend!!!

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  1. Love your just-turned-fabulous week! That's a real bummer that every position sitting is uncomfortable...and I guess you can't lie down at work? It's funny for me: having fresh groceries in the house makes me feel so much happier and in control!


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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