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In trying to simplify, reorganize, prioritize, and clear-out my life I was reminded of a wonderful online shop, Brook Farm General Store  (you can also visit in person if you live or visit NYC), where I bought this beauty from last year.

canvas & leather tool bag

I spent some time going through their website and weird as it may sound, it totally calmed me . . . . it made me crave a simple cabin or cottage with a vegetable garden, a wishing well, no TV (I know I got a little carried away with my thoughts here - couldn't really live without "Modern Family"), linen/cotton blend throws and sheets and nights spent sipping homemade lemonade on the front porch. 

I would take the Emerson Made Farm A.N.Y. day . . . . .

Take a peek into my fantasy:

linen tablecloths

journals & notebooks - love the color combo

This is a unisex cologne from 1957 - there are 4 fragrances and it can be used as a shave lotion, body splash or bath oil!  I love the old-fashioned packaging and wouldn't that green bottle look great in a bathroom?  Wonder if it smells good?

I am really contemplating getting some of these for the house. There is something so soothing and "homey" about them; like the cups from your favorite diner that you went to with your Grandma

love this waxed leather bag - would be great to have in the back of the car for throwing wet boots or muddy/mucky clothes into, or perfect for toting around the garden.

I think this hand knitted dog is so innocent and sweet

really liking this dog collar - rustic, rugged and kinda like a Hermes bracelet (idea in mind here)

how sweet is this duck? would go great with the doggie above

stainless steel straws!!! what??? I need these for summer!

Cotton towels - awesome

Wool blanket - my granny had these types of blankets but hers were super scratchy and itchy so I would hope these are soft and cashmere-y

Leather wallet - these would be great gifts and there are more colors

love the gold hardware/grommets

I really love this leather pouchette - the color is the perfect neutral blush


  1. The cotton towels and wool blankets look so beautiful...and yes you're right anything that natural and with such a long tradition is calming. The style is very Ilse Crawford, former editor of Elle decor who uses a lot of wool blankets and simple pieces in her interiors. I love the top bag but know I would dirty it up within minutes and would have to stick it in the wash. Yes Emerson-Made I am a little bit obsessed with that stuff....

  2. Oh, that duck and knitted dog are so cute. I think I'm having baby on the brain. Kinda scary.


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