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these boots are made for walking in . . . dum dum dum dum dum

From a very young age I have loved shoes - all shoes!  Boots, sandals, heels, wedges, flip flops . . . you name it I can shop it!  I can get lost in the shoe department for hours and try sixty pairs on like it was nothing!  I used to buy 4 pairs at a time because I could never decide which ones I liked the best.  Nowadays, while my love is still as deep, I look more than I buy because running after a 2yr old in any heel, wedge, or espadrille is pretty wreckless because a mummy with a broken ankle or a busted nose is just not gonna work!  But it does not stop me from browsing and lusting and making mental lists for when my kids are older and I can walk upright again (not hunched over running after Emerson trying to make her hold my hand)

I have been on the Victoria's Secret website recently because we are going to Palm Springs in April and i need a cheap and simple bikini for mi caboose and mi bump . . . and I have been surprised at their shoe selection!  I am not a VS customer normally but check out some of these finds . . . I was able to find so many pairs of lookalikes for shoe designers I love like: Elizabeth & James, Fendi, Stella McCartney, YSL and they actually carry Nicole Richies new House of Harlow shoe line!

These Betsey Johnson booties make my heart beat wildly - that hot pink sole? *swoon*

love the simplicity and height of these wedges

I am buying these in the gold/natural for our Palm Springs trip - total "Stella" lookalike raffia sandal for $45

These are a total Fendi lookalike and I really think I need to get them in black and nude . . . don't you? They would go with everything and I think the style is pretty classic.

Not a fan of the black leather ones but I dig them in the gunmetal brownish color . . . great to pair with spring/summer dresses

These are the lookalikes for the Stuart Weitzman sandals Jennifer Aniston made popular!  I like the army green ones and I think the height is great, not too teeter-totery!!!

House of Harlow wedges - I have actually tried these on and really like them, alot more comfortable than I thought.

I am loving these perforated boots in nude for spring/summer and fall!!!


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