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Not your average banana!

It's Friday and our precious little girl turns "2" tomorrow . . .  I am both thrilled to see the beautiful, little compassionate, girl that she has grown in to and sad that it seems like yesterday we were practicing her tummy time.  Being a parent is such a crazy ride of emotions; I can feel strong, confident, and in-control while at the exact same time feel devastatingly vulnerable, like I am barely holding it together and overwhelmed at how much I love my little Emerson Poppy. . . wow!!

We are having a little get-together at Granma & Grandpa's so I will try to post some pictures next week.  And I want to give a huge "Thank you" to Emily for her post on "Motherhood"; such a truthful and real post that let me feel human and normal (mummies it's so worth the read and so is her blog!)

So on to my Friday thoughts . . . right now I am loving all the bright shades - yellows, chartreuse, oranges, and pinks!!! They can brighten up a room, freshen up your closet and put a spark in your smile!  I am loving my yellows on this fine Friday . . .

Kate Spade Blackberry case (but I would use it for my iPhone!)

Shoshanna dress - this would be so great either dressed down with flat sandals or glammed up with wedges/platforms for night!

The Reva flat  in yellow just screams "happy day"

These jeans are so awesome - remind me of the Tory Burch  spring collection minus the flare

sofa - This would look great in a room that has tons of sunlight and windows . . . 

bra - Just a little "sassiness" peeking out your blouse! 

Little girl's swimsuit - I might just have to get this for Emerson - She is my "sunshine" after all! 

Have a great weekend


  1. I absolute love yellow and am always looking for yellow pieces! The jeans are so incredibly cool, the sofa is to die for, am really tempted by the shoes.... Plus thanks for the heads up on Emily post - I loved it!!! I gave up trying to do lovely special little parties when my kids got to the dreaded Chuckecheese stage....

  2. Also just wanted to say thanks for the recipe - I am thinking that wonderful salad will become one of my portfolio....

  3. I am obsessed with yellow right now. I am planning my son's birthday in yellow and gray so I can't get enough right now :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend.


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