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I am a little obsessed . . . I don't know where she got her strength and her ability to go on with life after all her tragedies, she was truly a remarkable woman and mother.  I am drawn, like a moth to the light, to her fierce protection, dedication, support and love of her children . . .

"No one else looked like her, spoke like her, wrote like her, or was so original in the way she did things. No one we knew ever had a better sense of self." . . . "Her two children turned out to be extraordinary, honest, unspoiled and with a character equal to hers. And she did it in the most trying of circumstances. They are her two miracles.  Her love for Caroline and John was deep and unqualified. She reveled in their accomplishments, she hurt with their sorrows, and she felt sheer joy and delight spending time with them. At the mere mention of their names, Jackie’s eyes would shine brighter and her smile would grow bigger.  She once said that if you ‘‘bungle raising your children nothing else much matters in life.’’ She didn’t bungle. Once again, she showed how to do the most important thing of all, and do it right." Edward M. Kennedy

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  1. Yes she just carried on, keeping all her thoughts and grief private. (Although I still don't understand the Ari thing, have read a lot about her relationship with him which suggested finally maybe she just needed the security ...and fun. Wow, many of these pictures I have never seen - actually most! I can't believe how chic she was with just a simple black top and a pair of white jeans and trousers. I try and tell myself that when I consider piling on loads of necklaces. That belt with the skirt and top is just so right.


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