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Mummy Circle Monday

This week my Mummy interview is with Michele Moreno (Aka Birdie Mendoza) . . . Birdie, as I call her, is amazing!  I remember the first day I met her, I walked into her Mummy & Me Music Class, "Birdies Playhouse", and instantly felt comforted!  Birdie is not only a great, fantastic, and amazing singer/songwriter but she is also a mum who knew the exact look of exhaustion and anxiety on a new mummy's face!  She instantly made me feel welcome and supported . . . and I so needed that!

"Birdie's Playhouse is the creation of singer / songwriter BIRDIE MENDOZA, also known as Michele Moreno who has been performing since her early days in the nest. Her debut kids music CD "The Wild World of Wildlife," has won a NAPPA Gold & Parent's Choice award & gets regular rotation on several internet radio shows. Birdie's Playhouse has been a featured act at the Natural History Museum, Kidspace Museum, The Original Farmers Market, malls like the Grove, Manhattan Village & Westfield Culver and at birthday parties, festivals & preschools throughout Los Angeles. Birdie was also the only Latina RAY CHARLES backup singer in history.

She has performed all over the world as a singer and in 2007 released her grownup original music CD Plastic Garden.  She is also a budding  actress and has a degree in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford University. As Michele Moreno, she composed children's music (with her husband Alex as lyricist) for the award-winning DVD Funky Monkey Music Time."

Isn't she beautiful?!

and soooo much fun!

The BEST children's music ever!!

So I asked Birdie the same yummy mummy questions and here are her wonderful answers:

1.      You are a mummy?  Explain yourself (how many kids & ages)

I have one yummy 3-year old.

2.      Do you have any advice for surviving the first 3mths with a newborn? (Tricks of the trade, must have gear or gadgets?)
A must have is the DVD "Happiest Baby on the Block."  Swaddling saved my life!  (I totally agree with Birdie - this DVD is the sweet nectar of the Gods!!)

3.      What do you do in your day for yourself and how do you carve that time out? (nap, bath, makeup, read, amazing skincare products)
Shower, if I get to it!  Ha ha.  I’m actually making a "no guilt" lunch plan about twice a month with a girlfriend.  I can do this now because my son is in preschool. (I will definitely be adopting this plan once Emerson is in preschool)

4.      Tips on melt-downs and tantrums?
You have to let them go through it & try to show that you understand those “big feelings.”  Create a circle with your arms around them to make sure they don’t hurt themselves if necessary. If you’re in the middle of Ralphs, u might have to carry them screaming to the car.

5.       Sleeping tips? (in your bed, in crib, transition from your bed to crib or from crib to toddler)
Cry it out really worked for us. I know it’s hard,  but luckily it only took us about 4 or 5 days and the crying got less & less each day.  Plus he was in a crib so I could pop in every 10 minutes to say I love you.  If you wait til they can climb out then this method is very difficult.

6.      To pacifier or not . . . and tips for breaking this?
Big believer in binky.  He just grew out of it, altho’ he’s 3 and still drinks from a sippy cup.

7.      What mantra’s/rituals keep you sane in the chaos?
When I can’t take it anymore I beg my husband to take over. If he’s not around I pick something my son loves to do & will calm him down – for us it’s a bath or Jacuzzi, Santa Monica airport or a Zaboomafoo video – NOT candy cuz that pumps him up!

8.      What is one thing you sacrificed (besides your sleep, your freedom, and your whole life J/K) after having children? (skipping the makeup,  making meals from scratch, fashion)
Travel.  My entire life I’ve bopped around the world either for pleasure or for work as a singer/actress.  Now all I’ve got are photos, Andrew Zimmern & Anthony Bourdain.

9.      Do you have any crafty tips/ideas that you used to get your baby/kid to eat something they didn’t like?
My friend who’s a super nanny suggested making vegetables into cute shapes – like broccoli man (using toothpicks).  I never had to because my son eats most everything – including raw kale  & brussel sprouts!

10.  What are your secrets to keeping up your energy levels (magic wand, secret potion, crazy vitamins, shakes)
I use a high-end Whey protein powder and also make shakes with fruit, coconut oil, Maca root powder, Green Vibrance (that stuff rocks) and flax / hemp seeds.  Acai berry juice is also a booster.
(I am going to try this because Birdie has the natural energy of a 12yr old and she doesn't drink coffee!!!)

11.   How do you stay fabulous?
Working hard on something I’m passionate about & getting results.  Persistence & a good product or service will get you somewhere. Even with the failures you’re still moving ahead. Ole! 

Thank you Birdie for being YOU!  You are an awesome woman, performer, singer, mum, and human being!

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