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Mummy Circle Monday

      My Mummy Interview today is with my friend, Rachel, who I have known for, yikes, many years now.  She is my little sisters friend but over the years we have spent so much time together that I now consider her a great friend of mine too.  I wish you could all meet Rachel in person - she is an absolute riot to be around!  Always hilarious, always to-the-point, always so positive, and ALWAYS (annoyingly, ha ha) put together and HOT!!!   She is extremely driven, dedicated, loyal and thoughtful.  She is one of the best mum's I know. 
Rachel is not only a yummy mummy, she is a total smarty-pants too.  She has a double bachelor's degree in Journalism and Political Science from Cal State Fullerton where she also played division 1 soccer (great soccer player!!!)  She studied in Florence Italy for her last year of college; living abroad gave her the travel bug!  She married her high school sweetheard in 2008 and they have two beautiful boys Judah, 7 and Enzo 5 months.  She and her awesome hubby want to retire in Costa Rica, so they decided to give birth to Enzo, last November in the captial of Costa Rica, San Jose!!! AWESOME right???  She now resides in Yorba Linda and works as a Medical Surgical Supply Rep for McKesson Medical Surgical.

Read her great mummy survival tips . . .

1.       You are a mummy?  Explain yourself (how many kids & ages)
Judah 7 and Enzo 5 months

2.       Do  you have any advice for surviving the first 3mths with a newborn? (Tricks of the trade, must have gear or gadgets?)
Following the Babywise book, swaddlers blankets with velcro (I swear by these also)

3.       What do you do in your day for yourself and how do you carve that time out? (nap, bath, makeup, read, amazing skincare products)
Workout in the mornings

4.       Tips on melt-downs and tantrums?
Finding out what incentives your children and using it to change their behavior

5.       Sleeping tips? (in your bed, in crib, transition from your bed to crib or from crib to toddler)
Use a ceiling projector mobile in their crib. We are transitioning from a co sleeper bassinet to the crib now.

6.       To pacifier or not . . . and tips for breaking this?
I love pacificers. They help prevent SIDS and give our children comfort. When Judah was 2  we didn’t buy anymore. If we lost them (which happens often) we just didn’t buy anymore. Pretty soon their weren’t any left and he transitioned easily.

7.       What mantra’s/rituals keep you sane in the chaos?
Routine is huge!!! I also try not to be too hard on myself when things don’t go right.  I have learned to roll with it.

8.       What is one thing you sacrificed (besides your sleep, your freedom, and your whole life J/K) after having children? (skipping the makeup,  making meals from scratch, fashion)
My amazing abs :) and having hours to complete errands. I also take my kids everywhere. Last week I needed a pedicure so I took my baby and he sat on my lap (in a well ventilated area.)

9.       Do you have any crafty tips/ideas that you used to get your baby/kid to eat something they didn’t like?
Offer a dessert if they can finish their dinner. I also use whole wheat flour in everything that calls for flour, even cookies. I try and start their palate at a very young age to eat what I think is healthy.

10.   What are your secrets to keeping up your energy levels (magic wand, secret potion, crazy vitamins, shakes)
I grind three tablespoons of flaxseed and drink it down with some OJ every morning. I go to acupuncture when I feel low on energy and I tape my favorite shows at night so I can go to bed early. Then I watch them while making dinner. (I am totally on-board with the flaxseed but now I need to try the acupuncture!!)

11.   How do you stay fabulous?
I never miss a party! I also don’t count myself out of things just because I have two kids. If I want something, I make it happen.  (This is the absolute truth and one of the things I love most about Rachel - not only does she make it to all the parties/events but she is usually the "life of the party" - this girl is F. U. N!!!)                            

Rachel - Thank you so much for sharing your tips and thoughts.  Stay hilarious, honest and wonderful!!!

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  1. Love this interview, sounds like a brilliant person who really has it together. i swear by routine too, its a life saver and you know when the kids are going to eat and sleep.


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