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Perfect bed

I'm not sure about you but I LOVE my bed.  I was not always a "bed-loungy-relax" type of gal.  I didn't really like naps and did not pay that much attention about my sheets, pillows, etc until 2 things happened:

(1) I met my best girlfriend, Milaana, who is a total "heavenly-bed-linens-pillows-napper-loungy" kinda gal and she totally changed my outlook on "the bed"

(2) I had Emerson and MISSED sleep so much that it is now a luxury that I truly appreciate and relish when I get!

 This is our bed from Z Gallerie (got it a few years ago but is still on their website).  I love how high the back is; it is pretty simple but makes a great statement!  Try to ignore the 80's silk/satin porn sheets in the pic though!

My mum gave everyone a memory foam mattress topper a few years ago for Christmas and at first I wasn't even really in a rush to put it on but once we did . . . OMG are you kidding me!  How is this not a standard feature on mattresses nowadays; I mean amazing!!!

Jersey Sheets - You can buy at any store but these feel awesome in the fall and spring, when you need a little warmth but not too much!  So incredibly soft

Flannel Sheets - a total must for the winter months even in California.  These are like putting on a lightweight cardigan and climbing into a bed at your grandma's house.

 Organic Bamboo Sheets - these are amazing! My mum got me hooked on them; they are seriously like spa sheets; cool, silky, crisp but not starchy - oh you have to try!

Pillows are like artwork - they speak to you!  Mr. Hot Pants and I differ on this so we have 2 different types of pillows.  My fav? - Down-feather pillows (oh so squishy and moldable)

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  1. I am such a laze around in bed person. I love my bed and have always had naps. That bed topper is something my Mum introduced me to as well and they are awesome. We now have a temperpedic which took me a while to get used to, as its kind of rock hard but now I love it. Except for the pillows which my Mr loves and I think is like sleeping on bricks. And this reminds me I will have to get some decent sheets. Have been a bit cheap about this and there is nothing like good linen!


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