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too funny not to share (warning - some nudity!)

I decided this time around to get maternity photos done . . . I didn't do them when I was pregnant with Emerson because to be honest I think most are pretty cheesy . . but I really want to remember this amazing time in my life so I have decided to work with Jylare Photography and get some maternity shots done and some newborn ones done when "numero dos" arrives in July. 

Because I am so picky about the type of maternity photos I like, I sent Jylare some ideas of the kind of pic's  I want, here are some I chose . . .



I think you get the idea - no flowy chiffon and husbands hands on my tummy making the shape of a heart - no, not for me thank you BUT in researching maternity pictures I came across this blog post  and some of these photos had me in absolute hysterics - as in "snorting-like-a-pig" hysterics!!!! These are just some of them but I HIGHLY recommend reading the entire blog post and her comments because her commentary on the photos is hysterical!
just awkward right?

I don't even know what to say - I wonder the significance of the tire?

Do you think they missed their high school prom and were making up for it with these photos?  Aww that's sweet

"Sure honey if you want to be naked too then go ahead; normally it's just the woman, but I am sure these will turn out very classy"

Maybe he's a cop? or maybe just a psycho-path and she likes bad boys????

 Okay and this is my favorite - it left me laughing for a good hour!  I just keep playing conversations over in my head about how this photo came about:
"Honey, come over and show the photographer what you have been practicing" 

"What ideas did you have honey?" " Well I was thinking I could do a headstand naked and you could rest your bump  . . ahem on my bump"

I mean you can just keep making up hysterical dialogs about this one, can't you?!  I told my husband that I had chosen some photos I liked and wanted to see what he thought, I showed him this one - he laughed so much he cried.  I told him to get practicing, we only have till May!!!

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