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Am I late to the party?

Did everyone else know that you can now buy Mango online? This is fab!  I was first introduced to Mango in Paris, when my mum, sister and I went for a 3 day sightseeing and shopping excursion (we were already in Scotland and decided to pop over).  I still have a stunning pair of striped cigarette pants that I bought from Mango on that trip! I can't wait to start ordering . . . look at these pretties.

I just love these teal silk pants . . .

Reminds me of a Tucker blouse

I love these!!! Wouldn't they be gorgeous with those teal silk pants?  So this season's Gucci colors!


  1. Thanks again for introducing me to YET another site, lol.

  2. I haven't shopped at Mango in forever! I am loving these looks! Wow, blown away.


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