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let's do a litte shopping shall we . . .

at Furbish Studio.  This is a great little store to pick up a special birthday present or housewarming gift or just-because gift.  This is the kind of place I love to order 3-4 things and have them for when I want to give a wonderful little gift to a special person in my life.  Problem is I end up ordering things and keeping them for myself . . . Mr. Hotpants can attest to this!!

I am really digging these bistro bowls - thinking of getting them and using them as cappuccino cups!!!

Again my favorite candles in amazing packaging & scents!!

I am in love with these glasses - I swear my grandma had these from the Queens actual Royal Coronation back in the day!!!

This is one of the coolest lamps I have seen in a while!  It could go with so many color palettes and would add a great amount of "mojo" to any room!

Greek Key rug - what is not to love?

These ikat dish towels are on my "need-to-order-for-a-gift-but-will-keep-for-myself" list!!!

and this bronze sunburst ornament (comes in 3 different sizes & can be hung on the wall) has moved to my birthday list, mothers day list, fathers day list (he he he) for I need!!!!


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  1. I have loved that lamp for a while now. It's just really cool.

    Your daughter is soooo cute. How old is she now?


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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