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Mummy Circle Monday 1

Some of my favorite things in Babyworld. . . .

Old Navy roll-over maxi skirts - I just got two of these (one black & one grey) and they are SO comfy and flowy!  I actually changed out of my maternity jeans at the store and put one of these on and went back to work!!  I am going to live in these for the last few weeks of my pregancy and probably for the first few summer months after!  I am wondering if I shouldnt go back and buy another black one before they are sold out!!!

Oh and as a sidenote I am going back anyways to buy one of these chevron tees!

Calypso for Target baby/toddler/girl clothes - love these!

Just got this for Emerson last weekend and it is so precious on her!!! 
I think I might have to buy her everything on this post, "Oh daddy . . . "

Bravado nursing bras & tanks - these are incredibly comfortable, easy to use, and very supportive.

Joslyn over at Simple Lovely always has the most thought-provoking, honest, and real mummy stories.  She is a fantastic stylish mum of two beautiful little girls and I read her blog everyday!  This post that she did the other day really stuck with me.  I am a planner & organizer at heart and it is hard for me to let go sometimes of the "schedule" but I really want to try and embrace the unstructured, the unknown, the unscheduled and just enjoy Mr. Hotpants and Emerson . . . eat at odd times, go to bed a little earlier or later, stay in PJ's all day or go to the park in PJ's!!! I will make a conscious effort to try and "let go" every day, even if just for an hour!

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