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Mummy Circle Monday

Hope you all had a terrific weekend!! We are still enjoying ourselves in Palm Springs for a few more days.  Surprisingly not feeling that huge in a bikini at 7.5mths pregnant . . . . and loving laying by the pool with Emerson and Mr. Hotpants.  I will post some photos when we get home but today lets get onto meeting our Mummy Circle Monday Interviewee!!!! 

My yummy mummy today is "Janet". . . a fantastic, super-smarty-pants, stunner that I went to High School with.  Janet is married and has a 10 month old little baby boy, Jackson.  She and her husband currently live in Sacramento. Janet works from home as an engineer for a company in San Diego (shes been with them since college in 2000). Working from home means she works when Jackson naps (rarely over an hour and no more than 2x a day), and then after Jackson is bathed and asleep.  Janet and her husband just started date nights and she now doesn't freak out when shes away from him for more than a few hours. Janet feels like she can enjoy herself now when shes away because she cherishes her time alone and knows now that Jackson will survive without her for a few hours.  Janet admits that her biggest flaw is wanting to do everything and that she's a control freak who needs to ask her husband for help sometimes. Janet loves being a mommy but can't imagine having another baby, although that is the plan eventually!

1.       You are a mummy?  Explain yourself (how many kids & ages)
I’m Janet, first time mummy to Jackson, who was born on 7/3/2010.

2.       Do you have any advice for surviving the first 3mths with a newborn? (Tricks of the trade, must have gear or gadgets?)
Hmm, the first three months were kind of a blur.  When Jackson would cry, one of the only things that seemed to really soothe him was to hold him while sitting on an exercise ball and bounce, bounce, bounce.  He hated his swing (two different ones!), bouncer, and anything else.  Also the nasal aspirators in the stores SUCK!  And not as in they do their job, but they are horrible!  The only one that worked for us is the one they sent home with us from the hospital, but he would cry bloody murder every time we used it on him.  Then I discovered the Nose Frida.  I looks funny, but it’s been a lifesaver ; in fact, we still use it daily.  A few other must have products: Brest Friend nursing pillow, Halo Sleepsacks with Swaddle, Clouds and Stars zippered crib sheets, Baby Bjorn, Total Baby app (on iPhone – it helped me remember when Jackon needed to be fed because I could never keep track otherwise).

3.       What do you do in your day for yourself and how do you carve that time out? (nap, bath, makeup, read, amazing skincare products)
Gee, I don’t really do any of those things!  I do love the Origins skin care line…I had very sensitive skin post partum, and their all natural Night-A-Mins night crème was so soothing and nourishing.  As for carving out time, I have learned to incorporate Jackson into my "ME" time; for example, I take Jackson on walks in his stroller and I get to zone out and enjoy the outdoors, or call my sister and chat on the phone for nearly an hour at a time!  Also after Jackson has gone to bed and the house is quiet and the dishes are done, I will on occasion catch up on my recorded shows while enjoying a glass of wine.  It’s cathartic!  I’m actually having one right now.

4.       Tips on melt-downs and tantrums?
At this age, the only strategy that works is distraction.

5.       Sleeping tips? (in your bed, in crib, transition from your bed to crib or from crib to toddler)
I always thought I was one who would never let my baby cry it out (CIO).  We did it at 6 months, and he’s like a different baby and it took just two nights, and the 2nd night wasn’t nearly as bad as the first.  We basically did Ferber; we let him CIO for 3 min, then checked on him for 3 min.  Then we did 5, 7, and then 10 min each with 3 min checks in between.  Ever since then, he will fall asleep on his own 90% of the time with no paci, and it takes less than a minute of crying (when he knows I’m about to walk out of the room).  The key was me being ready to let him CIO, so I could be calm and emotionally ready.  It’s crucial for me to read his signs and get him ready before he gets over-tired because when he gets beyond that point, he has an awful time falling asleep, and I notice he wakes up a lot more often. When I see the first eye rub or yawn, it’s to the nursery we go! Also before his naps, I lay with him on the spare bed in his nursery and let him roll and kick around until he gets fussy, at which point is my window to transfer him to his bed.  He was in the bassinet in our room until 3 months, then in his crib at 4 months but I slept in the spare bed so I was in the same room (he had a cold that lasted 3 weeks)!  At 6 months we let him CIO and he would nearly sleep thru the night.  When I am really tired I will pull him into bed with me and contrary to what I’ve been told, it doesn’t spoil or ruin him and he returns to his crib the next night just fine.  He’s just a baby and if he needs the extra contact, I give it to him.

6.       To pacifier or not . . . and tips for breaking this?
We offered a paci early in hopes that it would be a tool to help soothe him.  He didn’t take it at first, but we were so thrilled when he finally did, and he didn’t have any confusion or disruption of nursing.  Then at around 6 months when we let him CIO, he decided he had enough of the pacifiers.  I’ve offered them a few times since then and he would chew on the Soothies as a teether, but after a while lost interest in that as well.  Now they are all in storage with the rest of his newborn stuff.

7.       What mantra’s/rituals keep you sane in the chaos?
I remind myself that there will come a day when Jackson will be too big and grown to let me hold and cuddle him anymore, so I try to remember to cherish those chaotic times too.  Oh, and having a stash of emergency chocolate helps!

8.       What is one thing you sacrificed (besides your sleep, your freedom, and your whole life J/K) after having children? (skipping the makeup,  making meals from scratch, fashion)
One thing I’ve sacrificed after having Jackson is having cute shades of pink on my lips.  I now skip lip gloss and lipstick because I don’t like getting it on his oh-so-kissable cheeks (his sensitive baby skin), so it’s just been Vaseline for me!  Also have not made it back to my spin classes, which is ironic because I ALWAYS made time for those, even  up until my 8th month of pregnancy when my OB said it was time to slow down.

9.       Do you have any crafty tips/ideas that you used to get your baby/kid to eat something they didn’t like?
Unfortunately not!  I’d like some ideas or tips on this myself.  He does seem to take solids much better from my husband than from me, perhaps because I’m still nursing?!

10.   What are your secrets to keeping up your energy levels (magic wand, secret potion, crazy vitamins, shakes)
My morning ritual: Latte and oatmeal.  (Oatmeal = steel cut oats simmered in vanilla soymilk with a whole egg (free range!) whisked in at the end, along with a tablespoon of flaxseed (sometimes cinnamon too)).  It keeps me going well into lunch, and I miss it when I don’t have it.

11.   How do you stay fabulous?
I go shopping.  Up until a few months ago, I never shopped for myself post-baby…every store I entered, I would head straight to the baby department.  Now that Jackson’s closet is overflowing, and most of his clothes are outgrown before he got too much wear from them, I let myself shop for myself again and it feels great!  Sometimes, all a woman needs is a little retail therapy! 

Well I hope you all loved Janets tips and insight as much as I did! I am definately going to try the Origins night cream and the egg in my oatmeal - has anyone else tried this?

Janet, thanks for taking your precious time to share your mummy tips with all the other mummies . . . stay fabulous. 

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  1. Great interview - and brilliant that you're enjoying your time in palm Springs. Im with Janet on the Ferber, though we were in London at the time and our version was "The Contented Little Baby Book"I changed my life.


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