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Mummy Circle Monday

I am digging this new Snugli Baby carrier , if not only for the fashion statement!!!

And who isn't in awe of Jennifer Delonge's baby and home design awesome-ness!!!! Check these pics out . .

This is one of my favorite nurseries!!!!

I love the pairing of the rustic table with those clean-cut metal framed chairs and then those crazy wingbacks!!!

 I love love love this color palette for a kids room!

My other favorite site for fresh fun new gadgets and innovative designs is Giggle.

 Love this dinosaur backpack!!!

 cool diaper pail - yes please!

 love the "gardening" look this diaper bag has 

 precious and needed . . . 

 loving this loft gate - such a chic alternative to those ugly others (we have an ugly other!!)
 I need one of these mealtime kits!  My purse is always filled with random small Tupperware and Ziploc baggies with Emerson's snacks!!

 Phil & Ted's travel Nest Bed - great little travel bed to take with you!

 step stools . . . . cant decide which one I like better, the frog or duck?

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  1. Its so hard to get the brightly coloured kids stuff to mix with other furniture but think this all looks so fun and still chic. We are passed this stage now, But I remember constantly picking up all the time to make it look better.


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