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Mummy Circle Monday

My hilarious and amazing sister-in-law, Ms. Amity, had baby Cooper almost 4 weeks ago now and when I say "hilarious" I mean this girl is on par with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!  We were talking last week and she came up with an amazing and soooo "true" analogy of what it's like when you enter motherhood/parenthood!!!

In Ms. Amity's words "It's like camping.  In theory it sounds fun, exciting, relaxing, refreshing and very calming.  But once you get there your exhausted, your dirty and messy, you can't sleep, it's uncomfortable and everything seems difficult."

Isn't that the best analogy?? . . . . I laughed my a*s off all the way to work because it is just such a great parallel.

We got to talking about how celebrities make it look so romantic and easy and never really talk about how hard it can be and we decided that this is because they don't go "camping" they go "glamping" as they have numerous nannies, night nurses, cooks, personal trainers, dog walkers and drivers!!! Yes this would make a HUGE difference . . .  just take a look at the difference in the photos!!!!! ha ha ha

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